5 Life Hacks to do Pikes Peak Cheap

August 20, 2018


We know why you’re really here — you want the secret discounts on Colorado Springs’ coolest attractions. Now a days, we’re all trying to make our dollar go a little farther. Lucky for you, the Pikes Peak Region is one of the most affordable destinations in the country. This year, Manitou Springs was actually ranked the second best value destination in America by Trivago.com. We’re not going to make you read forever to find our best discount codes and coupons for Colorado Springs, we’re going to list them right at the top so you can go adventuring on the cheap ASAP. However, we promise if you keep reading after the list, you’re going to find a TON of cool ideas for saving even more money in the Pikes Peak region. But first, discounts:

Colorado Springs Attractions Coupon Codes and Discounts

Pick one or pick them all — below is a list of some of the best discounts for Colorado Springs attractions. Even better, you can access them all in one convenient spot! Click here to get the Pikes Peak region’s coolest discounts!

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Other Cool Ways to Save in Colorado Springs

Ok, so we’ve given you the coupons, now let’s talk about other ways to enjoy the Pikes Peak region at a discount. If you’re creative, you can stretch your hard-earned dollars pretty far in Colorado Springs — here are some ideas for doing just that:

Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs Vintage Penny ArcadeThis little town is well-known for its unique character, which means that just walking around is a great way to spend a day. The mineral springs that made Manitou Springs famous are free and you can have a lot of fun hunting them down or joining in on one of the free tours. Just above the town, you’ll also find the Manitou Incline. If you park in the free lot by Memorial Park or along the non-metered part of the street near the park, you can take the free shuttle to the base. Check out our tips for enjoying this hike here. The Manitou Springs arcade is also affordable fun, with games that cost as little as one cent! If you get hungry, there are a variety of restaurants with different price points, too. And check out manitousprings.org to get a list of the free concerts and fun events (Emma Crawford Coffin Races anyone?) that run year-round.

Garden of the Gods Trading Post

Garden of the Gods Trading Post Fudge shotGarden of the Gods was a park gifted to Colorado Springs with one caveat — it must always be free to visitors! That tenet has never change, which means that you and yours can hike about one of the nation’s highest ranked parks without spending a dime. There are plenty of trails to be found with difficulty ranging from flat, paved routes to harder climbs. Even though you can’t climb above 10 feet, the park has made great efforts to create spaces for you to enjoy the formations and follow the law. When you see a trail off the paved path, we suggest you explore it. When you’re all done, the Garden of the Gods Trading Post has cold beer and affordable snacks like fresh fudge, popcorn and more to fill up for more fun. (Don’t forget, there’s a coupon for the Trading Post here.)

Cripple Creek

Cripple creek railroad front viewThe drive alone makes this adventure worth your while, especially in the fall, when the aspens go golden for a brief window of time. Once you’re up there, though, there’s quite a bit to do that’s affordable and fun. Our two favorite activities are the Mollie Kathleen Mine tour, which takes you down ten stories below the surface of the earth and shows you how miners used to get the job done. Or, you can take the Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad. The train ride is cool because you can even bring your pupper along! Cripple Creek also offers affordable dining and for those who are more outdoorsy and active, you’ll find some great hiking trails nearby and a state park just up the road!

Space Foundation Discovery Center

Space Foundation outside viewWe’ve already shared one discount the Space Foundation Discovery Center offers above, but we thought we’d share another cool way to enjoy this attraction — and Colorado — on the cheap. All year long, the Space Foundation hosts FREE family star parties, where you can learn about space, planets and more. The theme of each party is different, so you can make it a regular affair and never get bored. Even better, you can get discounted admission the night of the star party, making it a super deal for the whole family.

Ghost Town

Ghost Town carriagesThe average family of four can easily enjoy the Wild West Ghost Town Museum for about $21 total (if you use our coupon). Your admission even includes FREE gold panning, which means you and the kiddos can try to find tiny fortunes in Ghost Town’s cool, clear waters when you’re not exploring relics of Colorado’s past. Bring a little extra for the fun arcade games or a cold sarsaparilla and you’ve got some good times ahead that won’t make your budget sad.

Pikes Peak - America's Mountain

Pikes Peak photographerFor $15 a person (or a bit less with our coupon), you and your favorite peoples can journey up America’s Mountain, where you’ll finding hiking, biking, fishing and views galore. Once you’ve passed the gates, the mountain is yours for the taking. If you have a fishing license, drop a line in the reservoirs located in the North Slope Recreation Area (which also has premium picnicking, just a thought). If views and cruising are more your speed, take the highway skyward and stop at the multiple pull-offs for major sightseeing. At the summit, you’ll discover the world’s best donuts, made hot and fresh, the perfect accompaniment to views that can encompass five states on a clear day.

Cave of the Winds

Cave of the winds wind walker courseAlthough it is the pricier option out of all of our suggestions, we would be remiss if we did not include Cave of the Winds in our cost-saving ideas. Why? It has recently updated its offerings to include all-inclusive, cost-saving packages. If you’ve been longing to try all of the activities at Cave of the Winds, like the Terror-dactyl or the Wind Walker Challenge course, they’ve combined them to help you save. They’ve also recently added “early riser” and “happy hour” discounts to their savings roster, which will definitely save you a few bucks!

You’re obviously a diligent saver if you’ve wound up here, so we hope these deals, coupons and tips have satisfied your inner need to budget! Don’t forget that Colorado Springs is also super military, senior and first-responder friendly and ask about those discounts when you’re out and about. Happy saving!

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