Beating the Summer Heat in Colorado Springs

July 28, 2017

Even though it’s summer, you can’t possibly spend every minute of your day outside, can you? There are going to be days where you just want to hang out, cool off and have a little fun out of the sun. So, where exactly are the best places in Colorado Springs and beyond to beat the heat? We’ve got a few ideas you’ll love, cool air (artificial or otherwise) included.

Head West to Cripple Creek

Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine 4Just the climb to 9,500 feet will bring you cooler temps, but we’re sticking with indoor activities. After an absolutely stunning drive through the mountains, you’ll find the Mollie Kathleen Mine, which takes you 1,000 feet below the surface, where you’ll find temps to be a brisk 50 degrees. Indeed, you’ll actually need a jacket or sweater in the middle of the summer (the mine provides jackets and hardhats). You cruise downward via elevator, take a ride on a Tram-air locomotive and then take a walk to the man-skip for your ride back up. Visitors also get to see real gold veins in the mine and learn a bit of history. Outside the mine, don’t forget to head into town proper and have a bit of lunch or maybe an ice cream cone.

Visit the Night at the Space Foundation Discovery Center

Step out of the sun and into the universe at the Space Foundation Discover Center. No, seriously. The moment you step into the center, you’ll be thrilled by the time and attention spent on building a truly unique museum. This is the only space and science center in the city and it’s really a can’t miss attraction. There are multiple hands-on activities, cool interactive videos, tons of science info and so much more to entertain and educate. Just the exhibits alone make it a memorable experience. Check out their events calendar for fun activities like story hour, family star parties and even adults-only events.

Chill out at Cave of the Winds

Like the Mollie Kathleen Mine, Cave of the Winds offers cool underground temps and unique surroundings to create an amazing day out with the family. There are two different tours to choose from: The first is a family-friendly excursion through the caves where you can check out stalactites and stalagmites, learn the history of the caves and generally enjoy some quality time in the caverns. The second tour is a lantern tour, where you travel deep in the cave where the regular tours can’t go. You’ll get dirty, so wear closed-toed shoes you aren’t a big fan of. Cave of the Winds offers a military discount and group discounts on both.

Creepy (and Cool) Fun at the May Natural History Museum

May Natural History Museum 2Get buggy with it! The May Natural History Museum has more than 8,000 perfectly preserved insect, arachnid and butterfly specimens to wow you as you beat the summer heat. The specimens come from all over the world and range in size from tiny beetles to enormous walking sticks and everything in between. If you’re into creepy crawlies (or even if you’re not), you’ll be super excited to explore the life’s work of prolific collector James May, who traveled the world finding tens of thousands of insects. Be sure to take a picture with the giant beetle who marks the way to the museum. This is a seasonal attraction that closes in September, so don’t miss your chance to visit.

There’s no need to waste away in the house when the temps start to rise. Go find something cool to do besides binge-watching TV shows and playing back-to-back games of Candy Crush. You won’t regret it.

P.S. Fun fact, these attractions can double as rainy day getaways as well. You can read more here.

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