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June 11, 2020

Colorado, Home of Wide Open Spaces

Colorado, Home of Wide Open Spaces

June has finally come to the Pikes Peak region.  I know, I know, it’s not just the Pikes Peak region, but this is a particularly special time in our area.  Especially this year.  We had a TON of snowfall this winter, which means Colorado Springs is every shade of green imaginable.  This is the time that earns us our moniker “Colorful Colorado.”

June also has some of the best weather.  We’re past the time when we might get a surprise late snow storm, but we’re not yet into the heat of the summer.  The days hover right around 80 degrees, and just when you’re starting to break a sweat, we get a light rain that lasts just long enough to cool things off.  June.  Is.  Awesome. 

 The Pikes Peak region also happens to be a pretty great place to vacation (or staycation!) We are surrounded by mountains and trails and lakes and SPACE!  There’s plenty of room to get out and spread out!  In a year where things like social distancing is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, find a place where people spread out naturally.  I mean, it doesn’t get much more distant than 14,000 feet, am I right?

Open Attractions:

 As of the beginning of June, we are still waiting for our Governor to give us the green light to open all of our attractions.  Many have been able to open however, and we have short descriptions here on everyone who’s open.  Click on their name for more information.

Academy Riding Stables

Garden of the Gods Park is one of the most iconic stops on your Pikes Peak region adventure, and there’s no better way to see than from the back of horse.  Imagine you are one of our early settlers stumbling upon these giant red sandstone rock formations for the first time, and ‘mosey-speed’ is just the tempo to let you soak it all in.  Besides, the average horse is 8 feet in length, so social distancing come naturally!

Adventures Out West

From Jeep tours and zip lines, to Segway tours and hot air balloons, the hardest part of playing with AOW is choosing which of their awesome adventures is perfect for you. Talk to their super friendly crew, they are more than happy to coach you through the wonders of outdoor adventure and get you on a tour you’ll remember a lifetime.  OR, just book one of each.  You know what they say, more is more!  One outfitter, endless adventure.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

You wouldn’t believe how much their animals have missed all your faces!  Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is ready to welcome you, but there are some important guidelines this year.  They are selling timed tickets this year to help spread out their visitors.  Visit the Zoo’s Website for more info.

Echo Canyon River Rafting

Part thrill, part chill, and perfect for the family who loves water.  Echo Canyon is our premier rafting company in the region.  They spend more time and effort training, researching and practicing all the best ways to safely navigate the river.  Whether you’re looking for a white water journey, or a mellow family float, you won’t find a better outfitter.

Garden of the Gods Trading Post

As one of the oldest, largest, and arguably best gift shops in all of Colorado, the Trading Post is a playground for the senses.  With more than 25,000 square feet, and over 90,000 unique and often one of a kind items, you could spend half a day here and still not see it all. They also have over 90 years of history, with murals, artifacts and photos of throughout the store of their very colorful history.  Make it your basecamp for your Garden of the Gods meanderings.

Ghost Town Museum

Used many times as the backdrop of a western movie, Ghost Town Museum is an indoor treasure-trove of old west artifacts.  Mosey the creaking promenade past packed store fronts, listening to the tinkering of the blacksmith, take aim at the shooting gallery, and imagine a time gone by.  Be sure to bring the kids.  They’ll love the player piano, taking a turn at the butter churn, and learning about all the pre-shiny-screen technology.

Historic Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs was one of the first travel destinations West of the Mississippi.  Tucked in at the base of Pikes Peak, it’s easy to see why!  This quaint little mountain town is full of locally-owned shops, restaurants, and historic hotels.  Make this your basecamp to explore the region!

Old Colorado City

Originally slated to be our state capitol, Old Colorado City has over 100 shops, galleries and restaurants.  These wonderfully innovative and even world renowned restaurants and artist are all housed in fantastic old buildings, giving the whole area so much charm.  Wander the treelined streets and let your senses guide the way!

Pikes Peak — America’s Mountain

This attraction is so iconic, the entire region is named after it!  There are few places in the world this grand in scale that are still so accessible for everyone.  You don’t need to train to summit this fourteener, just 4 wheels and your favorite peeps. Then it’s nothing but wide open spaces and those views!

Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Their tagline is: Give your soul some breathing room.  This park is thousands of acres and 1200+ feet from the canyon floor below.  There is plenty of room to get outside and let your spirit soar here.  If you’re more the literal type, and want to actually soar, well they can help you with that too.  Take the Cloudscraper zip line across the gorge, or fly out on the Royal Rush Skycoaster.  Now’s a great time to remind yourself how great it is to be alive.  Royal Gorge will make sure you don’t take a second of it for granted.

Western Museum of Mining and Industry

Mining, in many different forms, is one of the most important parts of our history here in Colorado.  Many big machines were invented over the decades to make mining easier and productive for the people who were working in the mines.  You can see many of those machines and learn all about the minerals mined and what they’re used for.  WMMI also has beautiful grounds, perfect for picnics and getting the family out in the sunshine!






Colorado is a great big state with lots of open spaces to get outside and enjoy.  We’ve taken the virus very seriously here, and we managed to knock our curve down very quickly.  If you like to see more about what we’re doing to keep you safe, check out our Coronavirus Page.


We’re also working on a blog about mask wearing and what you should expect here.  Stay tuned for that, or chat with us if you have questions.


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