Colorado Native, Signs of Spring

May 16, 2017

Colorado Native, Signs of Spring

I feel like maybe I should call this “Summer Is Calling,” but I’m still celebrating the wonder that is Spring in the Rocky Mountains. Spring is when Colorado shows every side of it’s weather personality. Last Friday, I started the day in flip flops and by 7, I was pulling out the snow boots. It’s the time of year when you might enjoy such Colorado wonders as rain shine, snow shine, or thunder snow — and that’s all before you’ve finished your morning coffee.

Regardless of what season it feels like, Spring is definitely here!


Spring blossoms

There’s a reason why the word “color” is part of our state name. The deep orange of the soil, nearly every shade of green imaginable, and in wet springs, BLOSSOMS! Keep in mind, this is a high plains desert, so our vegetation is far more sparse than in other parts of the country. In my opinion, this just makes them far more dear.

During the Spring, the scent that wafts through the air is absolutely delicious. The scent of lilacs is by far my favorite, but it’s the smell the Mountain Mahogany emits this time of year, that really lets me know I’m home. I can’t describe it, nor did I even realize I had been smelling it all my life until I spent a Spring in Fort Collins and noticed the air just didn’t smell right.


Wake up Bambi!

These fellows with fuzzy, nubby antlers are everywhere, sampling the blossoms along the way. I love to garden, and I often feel like I’m just planting a salad bar for my four-legged neighbors. The deer are around all year, we just see a lot more of them in the Spring.

It’s the bears that have been absent from the wildlife scene all winter and I know they’re up when my big muppet of a dog is pacing and barking at 3am. He’s pretty sure the bad bear is after his bone. Hence, it’s also the time of year I become VERY careful about my trash, saving any food items or packaging for the morning of trash day.


Here fishy fishy!

We have it on good authority, there are some lovely rainbow trout in the reservoirs on Pikes Peak. They just opened a couple of weeks ago and we’re getting tagged in some great shots. Thanks to our friend Scott McPherson for this beauty! Scott got his 14K Adventure badge from us a couple of weeks ago. The 14K badges are free, so shoot us a message if you’d like one too! Tag us in your adventure photos for a chance to be featured on our website and entered into our prize drawings as well!


Our favorite sign of spring — YOU!

We spend a lot of time chatting with visitors, in our office, on the phone, over live chat and by email. The stories we hear, and, on wonderful occasions, the photos and memories that are shared, are hands down, my favorite thing about this job. These were shared with us by Anne Rivera. Visiting the Garden of the Gods is a family tradition, dating back to 1912. These photos were taken in 1932, and that’s Anne’s mom in front of the Balanced Rock. We’re hoping Anne will share a photo of herself in that same spot when she’s here this summer.

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