Activities & Tips in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region

Fall fun in colorado springs

Congratulations!  You have selected one of the grandest seasons to visit the Pikes Peak Region.  Welcome to perfect sunny days, cooler nights, and a wash of color around every corner that will absolutely delight.  Our aspen trees tend to get all of the press when it comes to their exceptional color changing skills, but the scrub oak, mountain mahogany, heck, even the grasses change color in September and October.  Our typically mild, yet often unpredictable weather seems to take a hiatus this time of year — holding steady those bright blue skies, adding only a puffy cloud here and there for effect.    

Fall Itineraries

We like to think of ourselves as your personal travel agent: minus the extra cost or funny headsets. Choose from one of our pre-built itineraries for guaranteed fun.


Tips for Fall Adventure

  • Pack Layers

    We say this for every single season because it’s absolutely the key for all day comfort. Bring a jacket, always. You’re going to want to up to the mountains to see all the changing leaves and the temperature drops as you gain elevation.

  • Slow Down

    Everywhere you turn, our landscape is awash with changing colors. Slow down and breathe it all in.

  • Wear Sunscreen

    With slightly cooler temps it can be easy to forget the sunscreen, but that Rocky Mountain sunshine is going to feel so good on your skin, you’ll want to spend a little time soaking it in. Do it safely!

  • Stay Hydrated

    Welcome to our sunny sub-alpine desert, where the annual average humidity hovers just under 40%. Drink plenty of water and pack lotion and chapstick. You can thank us later.

  • Bring. A. Camera.

    The landscape literally looks like it’s been photoshopped. You’re going to want to capture it. #memories


Explore Other Seasons

There are no ‘bad’ seasons in Colorado.  Each one is uniquely beautiful in its own way, enjoying bright blue skies and mild days.  Let us help find the perfect time of year for you!