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As any parent can tell you, your time with your kiddos goes by so much faster than you ever thought possible. One day you’re tearfully dropping them off for their first day of kindergarten and the next, you’re sending them off to college walking them down the aisle or snuggling their new babies and wondering where the time has gone.

While you can’t slow down growing up, you can make the moments you have with your kids into unforgettable memories, gifts that will endure long after the latest, coolest game console or trendy toy has become obsolete. Take your children on a family adventure that will nourish their minds, stretch their legs and show them the world in a whole new way. It’s the gift of new traditions they can share with their own kids someday. Best of all, you’ll be able to maximize enjoyment of every fleeting moment of this fast-moving phenomenon known as childhood.

The Pikes Peak region is filled with endless possibilities for creating your next memorable family adventure: trails, mountains, rivers, parks, restaurants, shopping and family-friendly attractions that have been around for generations. We’re talking thrill-chasing rides, breathtaking feats of scenic wonder, historic treasures, splash-filled adventures, whimsical playlands, cuddly creatures and so much more.

The Pikes Peak region truly is a one-stop locale for creating those treasured moments for your children. And because there is so much to do, no one will get left behind in having fun, be it your little bookworm, your tenacious daredevil or your tough-talking teen. Every age, every stage and every fun-seeker can find something they love — or discover something new to fall in love with.

That includes you, dear parents. After all, family-friendly should include adults, right? Luckily, you’re sure to have a great time, too! How could you not? The region is stunning and all of its family-friendly attractions make sure the moms and dads and grandparents that visit have just as much fun as the kids. Plus, who wouldn’t want to relive their days of youth through the wondering eyes of their children?

Gather up those growing-way-to-fast humans and start making lasting memories, new traditions and lifelong bonds.

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