Holiday Show at Iron Springs Chateau

November 30, 2017

Housed in one of the oldest buildings in Manitou Springs, the Iron Springs Chateau Melodrama knows how to get you in that holly jolly spirit. Join them for a three-course family-style dinner and Have a Very Merryville Christmas . . . or . . Chris and Jingle to the Rescue! Boo the villain! Cheer the hero! And laugh till your belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly and your cheeks are all rosy like you-know-who.

A glimpse of Iron Springs Chateau:

What’s on the Menu:

Iron Springs Menu
Melodrama: A sensational play with exaggerated characters and exciting events.Oxford English Dictionary

The show:

Running through December 23, 2017

“Have a Very Merryville Christmas…or…Chris and Jingle to the Rescue!” is a Christmas melodrama that takes place in the mountains of Colorado in the the 1890’s. Christopher Claus and his best friend Jingle are looking to start a toy factory, and have traveled to Merryville, CO. Merryville’s mayor, Mondo Crankypants, has raised taxes on the good people of his town, and decreed that no toys or decorations are to be allowed in Merryville.

Miss Merry Mary Merryweather must appeal to Chris and Jingle, when all the presents in town disappear! Can Chris and Jingle find the presents, save Christmas, and deliver the poor town of Merryvile from it’s Great Depression?

The melodrama is followed by a Christmas sing-along intermission and our fun-filled Holiday themed Vaudeville style Olio with crazy costumes, songs, dances and jokes!

Be sure to call for reservations! 719-685-5104

Sing Along

Even intermission will have you grinning ear to ear, and nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like a good old-fashioned sing along. Their virtuoso and talented cast lead the audience in several well known classics — you’re sure to hear your favorite!
Are you celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special event? Be sure to let the cast know so they can help you celebrate to the fullest!

Local’s Tip: Call ahead for reservations! 719-685-5104

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Variety Act

The Chateau Players are quite the talented group of folks. If you thought the melodrama was fun,
just wait for the side-splitting humor, musical numbers, and general joy of the Olio. They’ll have you laughing. They’ll have you crying. Possibly all at once!

Local’s Tip: Drinks are available in the theater — be sure to tip your waitress!

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