Itinerary day 2

3 days of family fun

Itinerary Overview

Let’s just call this what it really is: This is Pikes Peak day!  Pikes Peak is such an enormous part of our lives here (both literally and figuratively) that we named the whole region after it.  Our official region name is Pikes Peak Wonders, and you’re about to learn why.  Confused by the Pikes Peak Region?  It encompasses many cities surrounding the mountain and then some.  Pretty much if you can see Pikes Peak from a town, it’s part of the Pikes Peak Wonders.


Start the day off right

Head west on highway 24 for the best cinnamon toast you’ve ever had. The Pantry in Green Mountain Falls, offers a charming creekside buffet breakfast, perfect start to the family fun we have planned.

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Pikes Peak – America's Montain

Start your day on top of the world

We know, we know, this is one of the main reasons you wanted to come to the Pikes Peak region!  We get it, but we put this journey on day two for a reason.  The trip up Pikes Peak will add about 8,000 feet in elevation to our already high mountain town.  We recommend waiting a day or two before conquering the mountain.  Give you and your crew a chance to acclimate to the elevation of Colorado Springs.

Morning can be the best time to summit the peak, when skies are blue and the sun shines brightly on the face of Pikes Peak. The highway will get you to the summit in only an hour, but allow extra time for skipping stones and photos with Big Foot. We recommend you budget a total of 3-4 hours for this adventure. Be sure to bring a jacket for the summit where it’s typically 30-40 degrees cooler than the base. Water and snacks are smart planning too, but don’t worry about 4-wheel drive, you can bound up this beast in a minivan!




Did you know: The lyrics for America the Beautiful were inspired by the view at the top of Pikes Peak — that’s why it’s called America’s Mountain!


Lunch that hits the spot

Right at the base of the mountain, just before you get back on highway 24, stop by Wines of Colorado for lunch.  They have great local fare like buffalo burgers and Colorado reubens, and, of course, Colorado wine. Try a glass with lunch or buy a bottle to enjoy at home.

Space Foundation & Discovery Center

Out of this world!

As a parent, I love it when the kids are having an awesome time and happen to be learning something amazing at the same time. Dedicated to developing young minds’ excitement of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math), the Space Foundation is chock full of hands-on interactive displays that are fun and interesting for the whole family. You can all try your hand at programming the Mars rover on a room-sized Mars-scape.  Watch storms roll across your favorite planets on the Science on s Sphere (TM) Or explore the artifacts of earlier space missions and the everyday tech you enjoy thanks to space travel.  You’ll all learn something new today and have a great time doing it!




It might seem weird to find such a dynamic space museum in the middle of the country, but Colorado Springs has long been a hub for all things space.  With three major air force bases and NORAD, we were also the logical choice for the annual space symposium that has drawn thousands of space professionals and enthusiasts for over 35 years now.


Dinner time

About a mile away from the Space Foundation is a great local favorite. You might want to call ahead for reservations at Marigold’s Cafe and Bakery.  Be sure to save room for something from the bakery! It’s exceptional.