Itinerary day 1

Adventure Package

Fair warning. This itinerary is not for those who enjoy gentle Sunday strolls in the park. It’s for thrill seekers and adventure lovers who want to do something a little bit … extraordinary when they step outside their front door. Here’s to you, excitement fans, an itinerary customized to those who love their fun with a dose of adrenaline, the Pikes Peak Adventure Itinerary.

(Please note that many attractions are seasonal, so double check your timing before you book!)



We’ve got an easy-breezy breakfast solution for your first morning’s adventure — and all you have to do is show up at the exciting attraction we’ve got in store for you. You’ll get a tasty continental breakfast to get you going. And what might you be doing? Glad you asked!

Challenge Unlimited - Pikes Peak by Bike

Zip down Pikes Peak Highway via bicycle.

Might as well jump right into action with one of the region’s most thrilling attractions, Challenge Unlimited, a 19.5-mile downhill adventure on Pikes Peak—America’s Mountain. Even the trip up the mountain is awesome, because you get to sit back and enjoy the view while they keep their eyes on the winding road! Their big comfy passenger vans will shuttle you and your peeps to the summit while you enjoy the changing biomes and the ever more spectacular views. At the top, you’ll get geared up for the ride down, with bikes, clothes and equipment all included. Then you’ll cruise down the highway in style, checking out the cool landscapes, wild animals and more. And if you have anyone who doesn’t want to ride (crazy, right?), they can ride down in the Challenge Unlimited van and enjoy lunch. Speaking of lunch . . .




Challenge Unlimited is the original Pikes Peak biking tour and they make it as easy and all inclusive as possible!



You may have been riding downhill, but that still takes work. Challenge Unlimited includes lunch at Wines of Colorado, which has a tasting room and a buffalo burger that’s lean and mean and bursting with rich flavors.

Historic Old Colorado City

Unwind from the excitement for a bit.

You’ve got more to do in the days ahead, so we suggest you take the rest of the afternoon off for a little chill time. Stroll through Old Colorado City and check out the shops and bars. We suggest a scoop at Colorado City Creamery, but don’t spoil your appetite for dinner.





Old Colorado City has over 100 locally owned shops, galleries and restaurants.  A great place to get taste of what’s local!

family friendly food

The finisher

You really can’t go wrong with the restaurants in Old Colorado City, but Pizzeria Rustica and Jake and Telly’s are two of our favorites.