Itinerary Day 2

Chill Chaser

Day 2 Overview

Visitors have been coming to the Pikes Peak region since Colorado was just a territory.  Drawn by the mild weather and beautiful scenery, our early settlers enjoyed both of today’s adventures immensely.  Old Colorado City, then just Colorado City of course, was on track to become our Capitol, and the charm of this historic district has been preserved and celebrated.  Just a few miles to the Southwest, the Broadmoor Seven Falls continues to awe and inspire just like it did so many generations ago.  There’s something about a waterfall that mesmerizes the human imagination, making a series of seven waterfalls downright magical.


A Local Favorite

In the heart of Old Colorado City beats a little local favorite, the Bon Ton Cafe.  For generations, they’ve been serving traditional American fare with a Southwestern flavor.  Green chili is available on many dishes if you dare, and their eggs and pancakes always satisfy!


3. Old Colorado City

Enjoy the treelined streets

Old Colorado City has been a hub of commerce and relaxation since the mid-1800’s.  Though not as rough and rowdy as it was in its Wild West hay day, this historic district has managed to retain all of the character and flavor that made it so special, while offering plenty of modern day shopping, dining and joyful meandering. …read more

Home to over 100 locally owned boutiques, galleries, and restaurants, there’s literally something for everyone in Old Colorado City. From Colorado t-shirts to fine art by Colorado craftsman, or escargot to BBQ, the town will surprise and delight at every turn.

Browse the shops and galleries or find a shady spot to people watch.  Follow up your relaxing day in Old Colorado City with lunch or dinner at one of their exceptional local restaurants.  And end the day with an adult beverage and some live local music.  The keyword here is local and you’ll find plenty to dig into the culture of the region in Old Colorado City.


  • Old Colorado City has three free parking lots, so forget the meters and spend as much time as you want wandering through town!


  • On-site: 3-4 hours
  • Travel: ~2 min


Save room for dessert!  Old Colorado City is home to a great local creamery and chocolatier.


Grab a bite in Old Colorado City

There are a lot of great places to choose from in Old Colorado City, and you’re sure to find just what you’ve been craving.  From award-winning bistros to local hole-in-the-walls and cuisine from around the world, Old Colorado City has got you covered.  You can’t go wrong here, so pop in to the place that’s got your vibe.

4. Broadmoor Seven Falls

Scenery that will take your breath away

There’s just something special about a waterfall, but when you find a series of seven crashing down a 181 foot box canyon, the only word to describe it is SUBLIME! Seven Falls will absolutely take your breath away, but if it fails to impress you, the 224 steps to the top of the falls are sure to do the trick.…read more

Colorado is chock full of views, but the canyon leading up to Seven Falls has been dubbed the “Grandest Mile of Scenery in Colorado”.  You really have to go a ways to be the “grandest” here! With towering stone formations like the Pillars of Hercules and ending with that crashing expanse of falls, it’s hard not to stand in awe of this place’s majesty.

Across from the falls is an in-mountain elevator (cool in and of itself!) that whisks you to a platform aptly dubbed the Eagle’s Nest, where can drink in the view of all seven falls at once.  Be sure to save plenty of memory on your camera, because you won’t be able to get enough shots of this view.



  • For a couple of extra dollars you can grab the tram from the gate to the falls, but we recommend enjoying the walk back. It's downhill AND it will allow you really appreciate "The Grandest Mile."


  • On-site: 1-3 hours
  • Travel: ~10 min


There’s no parking in the canyon, so head to their location at 1045 Lower Gold Camp Road to catch their free shuttles to the falls.


Restaurant 1858

We highly recommend eating anywhere run by the Broadmoor, they are after all, our only Forbes Five Star Resort in the state.  Restaurant 1858 is one of our favorites for the simple fact the cuisine is very Colorado-centric (think trout, buffalo and green chili) and it happens to have one of the best views in town!

Broadmoor Inspired

seven falls 1858 exterior