Itinerary Day 3

Couple's Weekend

Day 3 Overview

You started this weekend off super strong, you had some killer adventures in the middle, now it’s time to finish with a bang (or maybe ‘make a splash’ is the more appropriate cliche).  There are a lot of iconic adventures in Colorado, it’s kind of what we’re known for, but white water rafting is arguably one of grandest. There’s an extra-special reason we suggested you stay at the Royal Gorge Cabins . . . we wanted to be sure you were close by so you could roll out of bed and hit the river like pros.

Echo Canyon River Expeditions

River as metaphor

Life is a river, sometimes it’s calm and meandering, other times things get rough and threaten to tip your raft. What gets you through? The other people on your boat. There are times when you can’t do it alone and who better to have by your side?

Echo Canyon has been riding this river for over 40 years and their guides have more experience and training than any other outfitter on the river.  There’s no one to whom I’d sooner trust the safety (and thrill!) of my loved ones!




Our rivers are fed by snowmelt, which makes them pristine, and chilly!  Wetsuits are available to keep you sitting comfy.

Wrap it up

Head home

We know you don’t want the fun to end, but you have to go adult tomorrow. We’ll welcome you back anytime. We promise!