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Pikes Peak or Bust, the mantra of many early settlers heading to this region in hopes of striking it rich during our gold rush days. Today, that is the perfect mantra for History Buffs coming here to learn about those early characters and get a glimpse of the life they enjoyed.

Eat like a local

At the corner of 25th and West Colorado Avenue, is a fantastically historic building — from opera house to jail house, this place has seen a wide range of clientele over it’s long life. Today it houses a great little breakfast joint, the sort that mother would approve of . . . if mother believes in good food with a big side of sass. Mother Muffs delivers. Do you want bacon with that?

Ghost Town Museum

Transport yourself back in time

Mosey the boardwalk at this indoor re-creation of an old west town. Window shop at the general store, listen to the steady tinkering at the black smith and try your hand at the shooting gallery. Out back, you can pan for real gold!

Local’s Tip: Be sure to get some old-fashioned candy in the gift shop.
Time allowance: 1-2 hours

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Historic Old Colorado City

Where history comes to life!

Originally slated to be our state capitol, Old Colorado City has lots of interesting stories. Like Prairie Dog O’Brian who had a pair of elk named Thunder and Buttons hitched to his wagon he liked to race up and down mainstreet. Or the intricate series of tunnels that connected the reputable side of the avenue to it’s seedier red-light district.
Enjoy art galleries, boutiques and restaurants in a range of wonderful brick architecture.

Local’s Tip: Be sure to check out the old Carnegie library and peruse their local history section.
Time allowance: 2-3 hours

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Open air dining

It’s not necessarily historic, but it’s bound to make history. Jake and Telly’s, located on the second floor, sports one of best dining patios in town arguably the best Greek food. Their indoor dining area is ample yet quaint, if beautiful views are not your thing. Opa!

ProRodeo Hall of Fame

Where the legends of professional rodeo live

Did you know the first rodeo was held in Deer Path Colorado? We sure claim it (along with 2 other states). Regardless of our ranking, rodeo has always been an important part of our heritage and keeps the spirit of the west alive through the celebration of the American cowboy.

Local’s Tip: Be sure to head outside to meet the livestock. Everybody needs a cattle selfie.
Time allowance: 1-2 hours

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Western Museum of Mining & Industry

The museum that works!

If mining history is you thing, you’re going to love this museum. There are many original pieces of machinery that still operate, several working displays that give you the feel of actually being in the mines, a fantastic collection of old photos and an extensive assayers library.
Local’s Tip: Try your hand at gold panning and pocket a nugget or two!
Time allowance: 1-2 hours

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Was that the dinner bell?

You’ve had a big day and we’ve sent you all over town. Check out Till Kitchen, one of the newest sensations in Colorado Springs. Their philosophy is a simple one, start with great ingredients, combine them in interesting ways, and serve them in an open and welcoming environment. This one will make you feel good, inside and out.

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