Day 5

Outdoor Attractions

Five Star Day

Today’s attractions are both owned and operated by the legendary Broadmoor Hotel, one of only two Forbes Five Star hotels in the state.  Regardless of whether they’re serving you the finest meal you ever had, or cheerfully pushing you off a cliff, they do it with the utmost style and service!  You’re in for a special treat today!


Breakfast at the Broadmoor

The Lake Terrace Dining Room is one of several restaurants at the Broadmoor Hotel, but this is our favorite for breakfast (and the view isn’t bad either!) Enjoy any of your traditional breakfast standards, in fact, we recommend stocking up a bit, it’s going to be a big day.  Be sure that includes something from the Broadmoor bakery, you can thank us later!

broadmoor outfitters falconry

Broadmoor Outfitters

Soaring Adventures and so much more

The folks at Broadmoor Outfitters make your outdoor fun so easy and worry free, the only hard part will be deciding which of their awesome activities is right for you and your crew.  You can start with their OG offering, the Falconry Experience.  Known as the sport of kinds, the art of falconry dates back hundreds and hundreds of years.  Maybe something modern is more your speed, then check out the Soaring Adventures zip line tours.  They have three different zip line courses ranging from beginner to advanced, all stretch over the picturesque Cheyenne Canyon.

Broadmoor Outfitters also offers a wide range of other outdoor activities like guided rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and stand up paddle boarding.  These are all great for folks who want to try their hand at these activities, but need a little guidance with equipment or trails.  They’ll customize the activity to suit your fitness and comfort level, making each experience with Broadmoor Outfitters truly unique.

Last but not least (and maybe even our favorite) is the Wild West Experience.  Skilled instructors will walk you through archery, air rifle shooting and axe throwing.  Under their careful tutelage you’ll be sinking axes into wooden targets by the end of the day!




Looking for fun in the rocky mountain sun, Broadmoor Outfitters has got you covered!


Streetcar 520

Just a couple of miles away from the Broadmoor, and on your way to your next adventure, is an awesome little place called Streetcar 520.  The building originally housed trolleys in the budding little town of Colorado Springs, now those tall side walls are dressed with murals from local artists, giving the whole space an incredible open charm.  The menu has been curated with options for all, from vegans to our raving meatarians, everyone will find something they love at Streetcar.  If you’re lucky enough to be greeted by the owner, she will certainly return the love, and you might walk out with a new best friend.  Whatever meal you go for, be sure to try the curry sauce!

seven falls

Broadmoor Seven Falls

"The Grandest Mile of Scenery"

The path leading to the Broadmoor Seven Falls has been called “The Grandest Mile of Scenery” for as long as anyone can remember.  Now we have many grand miles and plenty of scenery in Colorado, but this one has remained the un-refuted champ for over a century.  As you meander through the towering rock faces with names like the Pillars of Hercules, listening to the gentle babble of the runoff from the falls, you will start to have a sense of why it earned that moniker.  However, it’s not until you round that final bend in the trail and the falls come into view that you really understand.  The falls start their descent nearly 200 feet above the floor of the canyon, crashing, pooling and crashing again down the end of this box canyon.  Do yourself a favor, pull up a chair at the bottom of the falls and just soak it all in a minute.   Do you remember when we said Mother Nature shows off here?  THIS is what we mean.

When you’re at Seven Falls, there are a couple of things you should do.  1. Climb the 224 stairs that runs along the falls.  It can be a bit of a glute kicker, especially if you’re not used to our elevation.  Just take your time, and get those steps in!  The view is totally worth it. 2. Take in the falls from the Eagles Nest (pictured).  There are also stairs to this platform if you’re a glutton for punishment, but we like to take the in-mountain elevator for this one.  Honestly, how often do you get to ride an elevator built into a cliff wall?





There is no parking in the canyon, so head to 1045 Lower Gold Camp Road and hop a free shuttle to the falls.

Dinner and drinks


Well, this is it. You’ve had five days of awesome adventures in the Pikes Peak region and we think it’s time to celebrate.  In the heart of Old Colorado City is a great local Greek restaurant call Jake and Telly’s.  For over 23 years, they’ve been serving gyros and souvlaki to residents and visitors alike. If they have the chicken meatballs and pasta on special, those are a must!  They also have the best garlicky mash potatoes with just a hint of rosemary.  Fantastic!