Pikes Peak Family Sampler

Day 3

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If you want a truly gigantic cinnamon roll, you’ll want to show up bright and early to Mountain Shadows in Old Colorado City, because they sell out super fast. But, don’t be too sad if you miss your chance, there’s a stack of fruit-covered pancakes with your name on it. Be sure to peruse their green chili specialties, too!

Cave of the Winds

Take your adventure back in time and underground

Thrilled by the idea of spelunking, but not exactly equipped with ropes, helmets, maps and other cave gear? Explore Cave of the Winds! The Discovery Tour takes you past formations including Giant’s Bleeding Heart and the Temple of Silence, not to mention cave staples like stalactites, stalagmites and underground streams. At the gift shop, you can add to your rock collection (we know you have one) and pan for gemstones.

Local’s Tip: You can actually throw a wedding in two different areas of the caves. For small gatherings, ask about the Bridal Chamber. For (slightly) bigger groups, ask about Canopy Hall!

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Power Up

Head further west to Wines of Colorado and find options for every taste. We think the smoked garlic is utterly delightful and there are even more interesting treats, like veal bratwurst and buffalo lasagna. We strongly suggest dessert (ahem, raspberry white chocolate cheesecake).

Pikes Peak - America's Mountain

Views and fun at 14,115 feet

They say that half the fun of going somewhere is the journey to get there. Pikes Peak takes that adage very seriously, providing a scenic highway that winds up the mountain and offers several places to stop off and relish the beauty of the region. And when you reach your destination? You can see for miles in every direction. By the way, there are hot, fresh donuts and homemade fudge, too.

Local’s Tip: Give your car a break on the way down. Drive in low gear so your brakes don’t get too hot — otherwise, you’ll have to pull over and hang out till they cool. Yes, someone is there to check.

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Wind Down

The Stagecoach Inn doesn’t have a sampler, but it really should, because you’ll want to try all of their apps, from the cast iron mac ‘n’ cheese to the red bean chili fries. (Ok, maybe some folks might want to skip the Rocky Mountain Oysters.) If you aren’t too full from app heaven, go for the Rocky Mountain fish and chips served with rainbow trout, fries and house-made tartar sauce.

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