Itinerary Day 5


Day 5 Overview

Oh my goodness, you have made it through five absolutely packed, fun-filled days in the Pikes Peak region and, frankly, we couldn’t be prouder. Some of our team who tested this itinerary are STILL napping from the effort. But you’re not done and you’re not a quitter like our nappers. It’s time to leave this adventure as you came into it — full of energy and ready to rumble.

Your final day will include a lot of adventure, with a couple options to choose from, some science of the spacey sort and a final peek into Colorado history until your next visit where you can try all the things you missed. Yes, there’s more! It may have felt like you tried it all, but we could throw fresh itineraries at you right now with even more fun. That just means you’ll have to visit again to ensure your Colorado bucket list get all the check marks it needs. In the meantime, let’s finish what we started, yes?


Like breakfast at grandma's

One of the greatest parts of traveling is finding those hidden little hole-in-the-wall restaurants with awesome specials.  Mountain Shadows in Old Colorado City looks like you’re headed to breakfast at some old westsider’s house, because you are.  With fresh eggs made any way you like and cinnamon rolls the size of your head, you’ll forget all about being homesick for a home cooked meal.

adventures out west segway tour in garden of the gods park

Adventures Out West

Get ready for Adventure -- it's literally in their name

It’s difficult to choose a single option when it comes to Adventures Out West. This local outfitter offers hot air balloon rides, Segway tours, zipline tours, Jeep tours, guided hikes and even a Jeep n’ raft combo. But we have begrudgingly selected our two more favorite favorite things: ziplining and Jeeping.…read more

We’ll start with ziplining, which sends you all over the foothills of Manitou Springs, sometimes as high as 650 feet. Adventures Out West is particularly awesome because their ziplines run from cliffsides, not platforms, and you get to enjoy some mini hikes in between. A bit of Tarzan, a bit of Jane, if you will. The guides are fantastic and highly trained and the courses offer water throughout the zip, which we all know is critical in Colorado. Our other choice, a Jeep tour, will get you up in the highlands with a trusted driver who will take you along the Short Line Railroad. Adventures Out West prides itself on the safest guides around, as well as the most entertaining. That means you can sit back, laugh and enjoy the ride and the pristine Colorado countryside all at the same time. The tours last about four hours, freeing you up for more activities.


  • Wear sunscreen because everything we just advised you to try will be outside (where the sun lives). No one likes to go home with a peeling nose and shoulders. Maybe lizards. But that’s another conversation.


  • On-site: 3-4 hours
  • Travel: ~20min


There’s a LOT of fun you can have with AOW, and it can be hard to decide.  We recommend you call them for expert advice on the best adventure for you and make reservations while you’re at it.


Save room for dessert

Marigold’s Café and Bakery has sweets so good that you could almost forget their food is equally tasty. Almost. Get the Marigold Roast Beef with grilled onions and melted cheese and finish up with a slice of something otherworldly in its goodness.

Space Foundation Discovery Center

Mars rover races anyone?

Otherworldly cake should definitely be followed by a trip to the stars. We’re all out of spaceships on our end and we suspect you are, too. The Space Foundation stands ready to save the day in an earthly way.…read more

Interactive space exhibits, astronaut artifacts, hands-on science activities and other fascinating activities can give you the universe exploration you crave for a tidy admission that’s significantly lower than the millions of dollars it takes to get to space. The Science on a Sphere attraction is super cool, projecting 3-D lessons on all things space.


  • Don’t forget to pick up astronaut ice cream on the way out.


  • On-site: 1-2 hours
  • Travel: ~10min


Talk to the folks running Science on a Sphere ™, they have many different programs and are sure to have one that will knock your socks off.

Western Museum of Mining and Industry

What rocks did you eat today?

Our final destination is a fitting one as it takes you back to Colorado history. The Western Museum of Mining and Industry tells the tale of the other types of rocks and minerals that are in abundance in Colorado. You’ll learn the history of mining on a much larger scale through exhibits and films.…read more

 You can also trek through their gigantic yard filled with mining machinery. The museum also has that tried and true favorite every kid adores, more gold panning. No one can get enough of the stuff, which is kind of how we ended up with a gold rush, is it not? Sift through the silt in the sluice and maybe find your dream (or the dream of an old 1800s miner) come true. 


  • Keep the Mining Museum in mind for the fall. It has one of the absolute best pumpkin farms in the Pikes Peak region.


  • On-site: 1-2 hours
  • Travel: ~30min


Kiddos who love big machines that go, will dig this place.

winner winner, it's time for dinner

Try your luck

For your Colorado food finale, we suggest you hit downtown Colorado Springs and try one of Brother Luck’s two great restaurants. Brother Luck is the chef, and yes, that’s his real name.  You may have seen him as a finalist on Chopped — and we’d guess you’re likely to see him again. Four is a seasonal exploration of the different cultural influences to Colorado cuisine. Lucky Dumpling’s influences come from the other side of the planet where Brother has worked in several Japanese kitchens, learning his craft from other masters. Enjoy!