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June 25, 2020

Masks, Distancing and Capacity Expectations in Colorado Springs

What to expect at attractions in the Pikes Peak region for 2020.

2020 has definitely changed the way a lot of people are doing business, but change is part of the natural order for humans.  We adapt and we keep on keepin’ on!  Here at Pikes Peak Region Attractions Association, we want to be sure you know what to expect.  Surprises aren’t always fun, especially when you’re on vacation.

Let me start by saying this, all the new regulations that have been put in place were done so to 1. keep our visitors and employees healthy and safe. 2. they were required for our attractions to reopen.  We know there are a lot of people who don’t agree with the safety guidelines put in place for 2020.  And we know there are plenty of others who think the guidelines should be a lot more strict.  We don’t get in the middle of that stuff.  Period.  All of the guidelines enacted by our attractions were done so by order of our governor and the local health department.  We HAVE to follow these guidelines in order to open our doors.  Please play along.  Consider the PEOPLE behind each one of these locally owned businesses.  Consider the PEOPLE behind the counter who are trying to earn a living.  And consider the other PEOPLE who are visiting and may be nervous about the virus.

Okay, lecture over.  Now let’s give you the skinny on what to expect and where.


Masks and Facial Coverings

This year, all of our attractions are asking that you wear masks when you go to visit them.  All of the employees are wearing masks, and donning your own is one way to say you appreciate them being there.  Employees at our attractions are exposed to a lot of visitors, which makes this a slight risk for you, but a big risk for them.  Show them the courtesy of returning the favor and wearing a mask when you visit.

Some of our attractions are requiring masks and some of them have to require masks in order to reopen under state and county health guidelines.  Echo Canyon River Expeditions, Pikes Peak Tour by Gray Line, Adventures Out West, and the shuttles and gift shops on Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain are all requiring them for anyone two years old and above. 

Social Distancing

Expect to keep some distance between your group and others nearby.  A minimum of 6 feet is required between social groups (families or small groups of people who regularly socialize with each other.) All of our attractions are at a limited capacity this year to help with social distancing.  Please help them out with a little patience and some space between you and your fellow travelers.



Some of our attractions will be gathering contact info from a designated person for each group.  This is a safety precaution in case there are any virus concerns that they need to let you know about.  That contact info will be saved for up to 15 days.

Many attractions are encouraging people to buy tickets ahead of time so there’s less interaction at the front gate.  You can find tickets for many of them here: Online Tickets.

You can also expect to see plexiglass between you and the folks behind the counter at a number of places.  Physical barriers are another requirement of our local health departments.

A few are even taking temperatures before you’re allowed to participate.  Expect this on some activities where you’ll be near other visitors for an extended period of time.

Wash Your Hands!

Expect to see hand sanitizer and even portable hand washing stations all over the place.  Wash them early, wash them often.  It’s the simplest thing you can do to keep us all happy and healthy.


Those are the basics of what to expect in the Pikes Peak region this summer.  You can also check out which attractions are currently open, places to order take out, or our virtual itinerary if you’re just not ready to head out into the big wide world yet.  Check out the links below.

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