Miramont Castle Midnight Tour Shares Some Scares

October 9, 2017

October is widely viewed as an entire month dedicated to all things spooky, ghoulish and downright scary. Those with a penchant for the eerie side of life can enjoy 31 days of horror movies, ghosts, mummies, black cats and more as every neighbor, store and local attraction pulls out all the stops for Halloween. And, no community in the Pikes Peak region seems to love Halloween more than Manitou Springs, which has annual coffin races, haunted ghost tours and other spooky happenings all dedicated to creeping you out (in good fun, of course). This year, one of the town’s oldest attractions has decided to join in on the scares with a brand-new offering. We’re talking, of course, about Miramont Castle’s Midnight tour.

The Miramont Castle Midnight Tour

What were the most exciting episodes of Scooby-Doo? The episodes where they stayed in an old castle, right? And all the ghosts and mysteries that such a place inevitably held? By day, Miramont Castle is a beloved attraction with a delightful tea room, self-guided tours and a lot of fun tidbits featuring Manitou Springs history. If you’ve visited, you’ve probably enjoyed walking through the old rooms and maybe nibbled a scone or two for an afternoon snack while sipping a spot of tea.

For one night only however, the castle will open for a tour of a different sort. On Friday the 13th (ominous, right?), the castle will feature two tours of the grounds — lit only by candlelight. Suddenly those cool stone walls and neat historic artifacts don’t seem so friendly anymore, do they?

While this tour is not a paranormal ghost hunt (leave your EVP equipment at home, please), attendees will be treated to unexpected scares, mysterious guests (seen and unseen), and more. It’s … shall we say … spooktacular?

Miramont Castle’s Fine Print

You absolutely must purchase your tour in advance. There will be no tickets sold at the tour, no exceptions. This tour sells out incredibly quick, so be on your game the second they open up!

You also need to be on time the night of the event. The first tour begins promptly at 10 p.m., the second tour at midnight. Once those doors close, you won’t be allowed in for the fun. This is to create maximum ambience, one that will be ruined if you show up in a tizzy and break the spell 10 minutes after the tour begins.

Speaking of spells, this is intentionally spooky, so if you’re not into things that go bump in the night, this might not be your best bet for entertainment. Stick to the well-lit daytime tours and tea parties (we’re not judging, we love scaredy-cats, too!).

Ready for a Night of Fun?

If you delight in the darker side of life, this event was, quite literally, custom-made for folks just like you. Gather your favorite fellow scare fiends and discover a different side of Miramont Castle.

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