Keep Your Resolutions in 2018: Volume Two

January 12, 2018

We all know that one of the hardest parts of maintaining a resolution to be healthier is sticking to an eating plan that’s good for you. You’ll note that we didn’t say the word “diet”, mostly because diets feel temporary and punishing, while eating healthy is something you should enjoy and strive to do every day. The resolution to eat better can be hard, especially when dining out. There are so many delicious options loaded with sugar and fat and hidden calories! And while those are definitely something to enjoy in moderation, you won’t make any progress if you indulge often. Fortunately, Colorado Springs has many restaurants that offer tasty, flavorful ways to eat better and stick to your resolution. We’ve picked some of our favorites — with a twist. Each has a unique menu you won’t find in any chain restaurant.

Uchenna Ethiopian Restaurant

Traditional Ethiopian cuisine is a real treat and something that everyone should try at least once. A healthy highlight on Uchenna’s menu is their Injera, a fine-grained bread that’s made from 100% teff, making it naturally gluten-free and loaded with fiber. Uchenna also has a dynamic vegan menu that includes veggies and protein-rich favorites like chickpeas. For the adventurous, give the Beef Kitfo a try, served raw like steak tartar with Ethiopian butter. Chicken Tibs is another standout, boneless meat sautéed with onion, tomato and a variety of spices.

Adam’s Mountain Cafe

If you’re looking for a place where people of every dietary restriction imaginable can find a meal to enjoy together, Adam’s Mountain Café is a pretty good bet. And it’s absolutely the place to be if you’re looking for healthy options that taste excellent, too. The Huevos Ranchero is a consistent award winner, made with whole wheat tortillas and smothered with New Mexico green chile (vegan option available). And the charred cauliflower is probably the most delicious way to serve a vegetable. It’s tossed in lemon tahini and Siracha and also has dates and toasted almonds. If you’re looking for a protein punch that’s boosts the brain, the Korean-style organic salmon is a must, served with kimchi over aromatic coconut rice.


Tapateria brings a taste of Spain to Old Colorado City, with small plates that can fill you up fast without ruining your resolution. Give the bison carpaccio a whirl — bison is lower in calories and fat than beef and lean turkey, making it a great-tasting, great-for-you way to eat red meat. If you favor fungus, the garlic mushrooms come with a hint of truffle salt. We recommend you bring a friend and order an assortment of plates so you can try a little bit of everything during your visit.

Jake and Telly’s Greek Tavern

Greek food is another good option for healthy eating (ease up on the spanakopita, though). Jake and Telly’s has been a favorite for visitors and residents alike for the last 20 years. For something truly unique (and delicious) order the char-grilled octopus with garlic and lemon. It’s surprisingly tender! We’re also big fans of their vegetarian plate, which is loaded with grilled eggplant, dolmadakia, olives and squash. For dessert, stuffed figs lean toward the (slightly) healthier side of the spectrum, served with Greek yogurt and honey.

Heart of Jerusalem Café

Located right on the main drag in Manitou Springs, Heart of Jerusalem has tons of filling options that won’t break your resolve. Give yourself a pre-dinner snack with hearty hummus dip (go easy on the falafel that accompanies it) and the fresh flavors of tabbouleh salad. For dinner, the kabob sampler is charbroiled and served on a bed of saffron rice alongside sautéed vegetables. Heart of Jerusalem also serves Turkish coffee. If you’ve decided to restrict caffeine, you want to avoid it, but if you’d like a little something to replace dessert, this is a powerful closer that delivers a powerful coffee kick.

We’ve only given you a snapshot of the menus of our favorite locales for healthy eating in Colorado Springs. But we all know the best way to truly discover your next favorite dish is to try these places for yourself. The next time you want to dine out and stick to your New Year’s resolution at the same time, give one of these special restaurants a try!

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