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March 30, 2020

Space Foundation Discovery Center Online Resources

Space Foundation Discovery Center offering online resources

space foundation snoopy graphicThe last two weeks have been a whirlwind of changes for us all.  My head is still spinning a bit.  Fortunately, the folks at the Space Foundation Discovery Center were quick on their feet.  If you can’t come to the Space Foundation, the Space Foundation will come to you!

They’ve assembled a number of online resources with the promise of more to come.  There are STEM Snoopy lesson plans available for the kiddos, K-8.  These are perfect for teachers newly transitioning to online school, or parents looking for something educational with which to entertain the littles.  For you bigger kids and teachers, they are also offering continuing education and professional development.

We believe that investing in teachers significantly increases student achievement and opportunities for success in all areas.

Space Foundation Discovery Center

We’re super big fans of education, but we also have kids.  Sometimes the best form of education comes when they don’t realize they’re learning something.  Hands on is hands down the best way for the majority of us to learn.  Space Foundation has put together a number of great resources on their Pinterest page.  There are all kinds of STEAM resources, cool space photos, even space trivia, and space jokes. But our favorite space boards are the crafts and STEAM projects.  This is the perfect opportunity to spend a little quality time together.  Chances are good, you may ALL learn something new.

You can now shop online from their gift shop and pickup for curbside later that day. 

Stay tuned for more virtual tours and fun things to do from home!

Stay strong. Stay safe.  Stay well.


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