Activities & Tips in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region

Spring fun in colorado springs

Throughout history, Spring has been synonymous with rebirth and renewal, as the nights shorten and give way to the light once again.  It’s a time when the earth shakes off its winter coat and sheds its frosty layers for warmer days and greener hues.  

The same is certainly true for Springtime in the Rocky Mountains as valleys fill with the sound of winter runoff, animals emerge and shake off the winter chill and everything feels new and clean once again — from the early wildflowers pushing through the last snows of the season to the sweet scent that rides the wind.  You can practically taste Spring in the air here.  

Now if you’re thinking of a Spring Break destination where you can sport your new suit poolside, we’re not the locale for you.  Spring is when we tend to get our bigger snows, the heavy wet snows my grandparents called “tree-benders.” The beautiful thing about a Spring snow, it melts quickly and brings the color that gave us the nickname Colorful Colorado.  Pack shorts, mittens, and your sense of adventure because whatever our Spring weather has in store for you, it’ll take your breath away and you’ll remember it fondly forever.  Trust me, it gets under your skin.

If you’re looking for a place to feel renewed, refreshed, and ready to start new growth, look no further.  Between the soaring peaks, deep gorges, and waterfalls where you can breath in the natural splendor, or the heart pounding adventures dropping into canyons and tackling the rapids that awaken your thirst for life, you’ll leave here forever changed for the better.

We like to think of ourselves as your personal travel agent: minus the extra cost or funny headsets. Choose from one of our pre-built itineraries for guaranteed fun.


Tips for Spring Adventure

  • Pack Layers

    We probably sound like a broken record, but layers are the number one key to comfort in the Pikes Peak region.

  • Temperature

    Our weather is always a little unpredictable here because you can never tell what might roll in over the Peak in the next couple of hours. Regardless of weather, the temperature is definitely going to change as you go up in altitude or as the sun goes down. Bring a jacket. Always!

  • Wear Sunscreen

    300 days of sunshine isn’t just a clever tagline, we really have that many bluebird days here. Even if it’s snowy in the morning, it’s more than likely the sun will burn away the clouds and bring the bright blue sky back in all its glory.

  • Stay Hydrated

    Welcome to our sunny sub-alpine desert, where the annual average humidity hovers just under 40%. Drink plenty of water and pack lotion and chapstick. You can thank us later.


Explore Other Seasons

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothes. Let us help you pick the perfect season for your Colorado Springs adventure!