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Vlog: Broadmoor Seven Falls

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The Broadmoor Seven Falls

It can be a little daunting trying to plan the perfect Colorado getaway. There’s a lot to know, and it’s hard to research places with which you’re not familiar. You may not even know the questions you should be asking. We try to stay ahead of your unasked questions with our blogs and attractions pages but nothing beats a video!   

In this vlog, you’ll follow along with some folks from our team as they explore the Broadmoor Seven Falls. They’ll show you where to park, options for exploring for high step count and no step count, and what’s good on the menu at Restaurant 1858. They’re likely to tell a quirky story or two about what it was like way back when (as the boss is prone to do.) And they’ll share some of their favorite places to catch a great photo.

We love all of our attractions, but we live here and get to visit them all the time. If you have limited time here, you’re likely trying to figure out which places are a must and which ones can wait till your next trip to see us. Let us help! Get an insiders view with the next vlog, or check out our YouTube channel for more of the goodness!  

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