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ADA Accessible Attractions

Accessibility in the Pikes Peak Region

Some of our earliest visitors came to the Pikes Peak region in search of the dry cool air and restorative mineral springs. Known as an area to seek curative vitality many came to enjoy the wonders at the base of that big beautiful mountain. That legacy has never left us.

Health and accessibility is in our very tourism DNA, so you’ll find lots of accessible trails and attractions. However, because of the age or nature of some of these great places and activities, some have certain physical limitations. Wherever possible, the attractions have made improvements to ensure all visitors can enjoy the attractions to the fullest extent. Check out this list of great attractions for more information, and when in doubt, give us a shout. We’ll help you navigate the area. It’s literally what we’re here for!

Broadmoor Manitou & Pikes Peak Cog RailwayADA accessible seating is not available for purchase online, but they would be happy to reserve accessible seating for you if you call (719) 685-5401. Please note that their ADA accessible seating is extremely limited, they may not be able to accommodate the specific time or date requested, and your entire party may not be able to sit together.
Academy Riding StablesLimited Accessibility
Adventures Out WestAOW has just added an ADA accessible Jeep to their fleet, complete with hydraulic lift and custom factory seatbelts that allow wheelchair-using guests to new freedom on their Jeep tours. Call for information: 719-578-0935
Broadmoor OutfittersWith advance notice, we can make accommodations for some of our activities. Please call 719.471.6168 for additional information.
Broadmoor Seven FallsEverything is ADA accessible except for the stairs up the side of the falls and the trails above the falls. They always have 1 to 2 shuttles that have lifts on them in our rotation. Due to safety concerns, personal vehicles are not allowed in the Park other than staff vehicles. The tram trailers have a wheelchair ramp.
Cave of the Winds – Discovery TourLimited due to accessibility in the cave. Accommodations will be made for partial tours as needed.
Challenge Unlimited – Pikes Peak by BikeNot handicap accessible
Cheyenne Mountain ZooBeing a mountain zoo, they work hard to ensure that their exhibits and buildings are safe and accessible to all guests. In an effort to help our guests navigate the Zoo’s hilly terrain, they operate a golf cart shuttle as weather and staffing allows. This shuttle stops at the entrances to many exhibits around the Zoo. One of their shuttles is wheelchair accessible. There are elevators at the two areas of the Zoo where the elevation change is the greatest – at the colobus monkey tower and up to the grizzly bear exhibit. The rest of the Zoo is hilly, but can be navigated via wheelchair or electric scooter, which are both available for rent at the Zoo (or you’re welcome to bring your own). For more detailed information, visit https://www.cmzoo.org/visit/accessibility/
Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge RailroadHandicap and Wheelchair Accommodation is provided with assistance from our staff, please call for specific arrangements.
Echo Canyon River ExpeditionsWe accommodate a variety of physical abilities on our raft trips and have for many years. We just need to be made aware in advance and communicate with the party involved for safety purposes.
Flying W RanchFacility is ADA compliant but to create a truly unique western experience, the area is not paved. Expect gravel parking lot and walkways.
Garden of the Gods Trading PostFull Accessibility
Ghost Town MuseumFull Accessibility, boardwalks are bumpy but fully ramped.
Historic Cripple CreekFull Accessibility
Historic Manitou SpringsVaries business to business
Iron Springs Chateau MelodramaLimited Handicap Accessibility
Manitou Cliff DwellingsLimited Accessibility with ramp in front of the ruins. People in wheelchairs are admitted for FREE, if they communicate this to the gate attendant.
May Natural History MuseumLimited Accessibility
Miramont Castle MuseumLimited Accessibility
Mollie Kathleen Gold MineLimited Accessibility
North Pole – Santa’s WorkshopLimited Accessibility
Old Colorado CityVaries business to business
Pikes Peak – America’s MountainSummit is fully accessible. The rest of the mountain is limited due to terrain.
Pikes Peak Tour by Gray LineYes. It is recommended you call for reservations in advance so we can assure equipment is appropriate: 719.465.1871
Pro Rodeo Hall of FameFull Accessibility
Royal Gorge Bridge and ParkLimited accessibility with the mountain terrain. Buildings and Aerial Gondola are wheelchair accessible (wheelchair can be no wider than 30′ on the Gondola).
Space Foundation Discovery CenterFull Accessibility
U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum ADA Accessible. Wheelchairs are available for complimentary guest use on a first-come, first-served basis. (Guests can simply leave a photo ID while using the wheelchair.) To reserve a wheelchair in advance, please email [email protected].
Western Museum of Mining & IndustryInside the museum the tour is handicap accessible for the most part. One section, the mine replica, is doable but awkward for those in a wheel chair.

Accessibility in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is hard at work in its drive to become a more accessible city. Leading the way are several top attractions in the Pikes Peak region, each with its own unique approach to ensuring an amazing experience for all. If you are planning a visit to the Springs and need accommodations or you are a local looking for accessible adventures, this list of attractions is for you!

The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum

The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum has some of the most robust accessibility in the Pikes Peak region. Before we get into that, let’s talk about why you want to go. The Museum is a beautiful space located in Downtown Colorado Springs overlooking America the Beautiful Park and a certain massive fourteener (Pikes Peak). It is a treasure trove of Olympic and Paralympic history filled with artifacts from amazing athletes and memorable matchups. Many of the exhibits are hands-on or involve interactive technology that immerses visitors in their experience. There are 12 galleries to explore, each with its own special theme or focus.

Accessibility-wise, it is leading the pack. The entire museum is wheelchair accessible, which means it is also helpful for individuals that utilize other walking assistance like canes or walkers. In fact, your tour begins with an elevator ride regardless of your body’s ability and then the entire experience continues down through the exhibits on a ramped path. The museum also goes beyond mobility needs to accommodate other disabilities as well. For example, you can elect to use the museum’s RFID-powered Visitor Credential, which allows you to customize your experience to your unique accessibility needs. There are open captions, description tracks, assisted listening and guided tours to help everyone engage in a way that is meaningful and experiential. Give them a call before your tour to get the details and prepare for your visit!

Pikes Peak — America’s Mountain

The brand-new Summit Visitor Center on Pikes Peak has done far more than spiff up the visitor center at the top of the mountain. It has also delivered a whole new experience for folks with accessibility needs. Perched at the top of America’s Mountain, Summit Visitor Center visitors are treated to views that extend for hundreds of miles and, on a clear day, the ability to view the horizons of Colorado’s neighboring states. The drive up is equally beautiful, taking visitors through multiple life zones, each with their own unique flora and fauna.

The Pikes Peak Highway launches your adventure, with an entirely drivable route that takes you from the gate to the visitor center without the need to leave your car. If you like, you can utilize the audio tour of Pikes Peak to enhance your experience and provide listening tools for all passengers. Once at the top, guests can explore the summit via paved outdoor walkways. The previous summit experience made it difficult for individuals with mobility needs to navigate the various views and informative signage. Now, every guest can learn about – and fall in love with the peak and its surrounding terrain. The interior of the Summit Visitor Center includes an elevator, roomy gift shop, dining hall and accessible doors. It’s worth mentioning that the Pikes Peak Cog Railway that brings visitors from Manitou Springs to the summit also has limited accessible seating you can call to request when booking tickets. That affords visitors two accessible ways to summit the peak.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a family favorite in Colorado Springs. Built into the mountainside above the Broadmoor, this privately funded zoo is home to animals from all over the world. It has spent decades investing in the development of animal enclosures that are a positive experience for both guests and inhabitants. Some of the most beloved features of the zoo include the ability to feed giraffes and budgies, the roaming peacocks, the new Asian Highlands exhibit and the fact that the whole zoo has stunning views at every turn.

As you can probably imagine, making a mountainside zoo wheelchair accessible is quite the feat. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has spent several years modifying various areas of the zoo to make it easier for all visitors to enjoy the experience. The biggest challenge? The steep grade of some of their paths! To make it simple for wheelchair users, the zoo provides a wheelchair-accessible shuttle that stops at popular points throughout the zoo. There are two elevators provided for animal enclosures with the steepest grades (one near the bears and another near the colobus monkeys at the beginning of the zoo). The rest of the inclines are navigable by human-powered or electric-powered wheelchairs. You can also rent a motorized or push wheelchair at the gift shop. There are even wagons you can rent for the kiddos. Folks who need a service dog are allowed in many parts of the zoo, although some areas may be restricted for the safety of both dog and owner. The zoo offers a map of the no-go and go-go-go zones. Last, individuals who need the support of a paid caregiver or assistant are afforded one free ticket to accommodate their assistant/helper.

Memorial Park Swing High Playground

Need to let the kids burn off some extra energy? Memorial Park’s accessible playground will please kids of all abilities. Memorial Park is located just east of Downtown Colorado Springs, right off of Pikes Peak Avenue. The park is a beautiful space with rolling green hills, sports fields and a huge lake. Surrounding the lake is a paved trail that can take visitors on a waterside adventure or lead them to one of the many pavilions and picnic areas. Visitors are able to paddle-board or kayak on non-motorized days. Many areas of the park are accessible, but the real stand-out feature is their adorable, accommodating playground found southwest of Prospect Lake.

Easily spotted by its towering daisy sculptures, this popular playground is a real gem for kids with disabilities. Designed to look like a whimsical forest, Swing High is leading the way in immersive play for all. Let’s start with the fact that the play structure itself is wheelchair accessible. Kids who use mobility equipment can hang with their friends and enjoy accessible panels with activities that meet the height and distance requirements for accommodating young wheelchair users. The playground also has harness swings with back support to give every kid the chance to “swing high.” The playground base is a soft rubber to cushion tough falls and there are accessible paths all around the main structure. As a final bonus, the tables in that area are elevated!

Colorado Springs Attractions with Partial or Special Accessibility

The attractions above have a lot of accessible features. However, due to the nature of some of our activities here, not all attractions are able to accommodate all needs. The attractions below can make special or partial accommodations. Just call ahead to discuss your needs.

Echo Canyon Outfitters

Echo Canyon goes above and beyond to welcome guests with disabilities – you just need to call ahead and thoroughly explain your needs. Their guides are friendly and helpful and make guests feel comfortable and at ease. They are extremely cautious and prioritize safety without sacrificing any of the fun.

Adventures Out West

This rad crew of adventurers just added a wheelchair accessible Jeep to their fleet of already awesome vehicles. AOW Jeep tours can take you all over the Pikes Peak region in style. The crew is really fun and friendly and they love to show every rider the best time.

Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad

With a little help from the team, you and your family can journey through the hills behind Cripple Creek and Victor and see the remnants of old mining encampments. The open-air car creates a dynamic ride. The train is pet-friendly, so even non-working doggos are welcome.

Seven Falls

The shuttle accommodates wheelchairs and many of the pathways around the falls are wheelchair accessible. There are a few areas that cannot be navigated on wheels, hence the “partial” designation. You will still get many gorgeous views of the cascading waters and the opportunity to explore the lower paths.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Colorado Springs. We hope each of these attractions can provide you the memorable experience you deserve while accommodating your accessibility needs. If you need more advice or info about the capabilities of specific attractions, please give us a call. We want you to have the best time ever.

High Altitude Tips:

The elevation is often a concern for visitors and more particularly if there are other health complications. Please consult your doctor prior to traveling, particularly if you are planning to go to the top of Pikes Peak. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If at any time during your travels into the mountains you start to feel sick, the best remedy is to move to a lower elevation and seek medical help. Remaining hydrated is one of the best ways to acclimate to the elevation and combat altitude sickness. It’s also a great idea to spend a few days in Colorado Springs, acclimating to that elevation, before traveling into the mountains.

For more information about altitude sickness, check out these 6 High-Altitude Tips

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