Since 1973, Pikes Peak Region Attractions has been helping visitors find all the coolest things to do in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region.  Originally created by a small group of area attractions, looking to pool their resources and market collaboratively, the association has grown into one of the best travel resources for the area.  Celebrating more than 45 years and 25 of the top attractions in the area, Pikes Peak Region Attractions is your one stop shop for all the best must-dos and must-sees in the Pikes Peak region.


There are so many adventures to be had in the Pikes Peak region! From ziplines to train rides & mountain biking to river rafting – Awaken the adventurer in you!

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Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain attracts more than 500,000 visitors every year, making it the most visited peak in North America. If you think that’s impressive, wait until you see the view.

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  • two kids sledding
    The Best Sledding Hills in Colorado Springs
    The Best Sledding Hills in Colorado Springs
    Our favorites, plus a few beloved hills recommended by other sledding enthusiasts to help you have an excellent day...
  • Manitou-Springs-Great-Fruit-Cake-Toss
    Manitou Springs Great Fruitcake Toss
    Manitou Springs Great Fruitcake Toss
    The Manitou Springs Fruitcake Toss should be on your to-do list on Jan. 26 If the name wasn’t self-evident,...
  • Dressing for Winter in Colorado Springs
    Dressing for Winter Weather in Colorado
    Dressing for Winter Weather in Colorado
    In the span of a week, it can go from 70 to -14, from sunshine to blizzard, and everything...

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