Colorado Springs Attraction Webcams

Get the whole picture

We can tell you all day long what the weather is like, but wouldn’t you rather see for yourself? Now no webcam can capture the feeling of the snowy chill on Pikes Peak or the glory of that rocky mountain sunshine on your shoulders — you’re going to have to come and experience it all for yourself.

When you live in a place as beautiful as Colorado Springs, you want to share the beauty with the world! Thankfully our friends and partners have put up these webcams for you to see what’s happening right now around the Pikes Peak region.

From every angle

Pikes Peak

“How’s the view on Pikes Peak?”  It may be our most frequently asked question.  Many days it really depends on which direction you’re facing.  At 14,115 feet in elevation, the atmospheric conditions can be completely different from east to west. Pikes Peak tends to have its own weather at any given time, and frankly, when you’re the biggest thing for miles, you can do what you want!

Occasionally it will snow on the Peak in July, or be beautiful and sunny when it’s snowing in town. Whether it’s a sunny summer day, a snowy winter afternoon or any of the days where you can float above the clouds, the views are sure to be amazing.


Around the region

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has one of the largest reticulated giraffe herds in human care, and you can get up close and personal.

Hand-feed the herd for just $3 per bundle of lettuce, or $5 for two! Giraffe feeding is available all day long, every day of the year.

The Broadmoor Seven Falls

The majestic waterfall in the heart of Cheyenne Canyon at the end of the grandest mile of scenery in Colorado.

Watch for the beautiful new cog trains pulling up to the train depot in Manitou Springs.


Wondering if an attraction is open during crummy weather, you can find everyone’s phone number here.

Please call 719-385-7325 for the most up to date road conditions on the Pikes Peak Highway.

That is the million dollar question! As some say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” We like to say that just as you’re getting tired of the weather, it makes things interesting. If we use Colorado Springs as our base, you can expect Manitou Springs to be 5-10 degrees cooler, Canon City 5-10 degrees warmer, Cripple Creek 10-20 degrees cooler and the top of Pikes Peak 30-40 degrees cooler. Check out our Seasons Pages for a better idea of what that means year around.

Regardless of the season, we recommend planning on a few layers in your travel bag. Summer evenings and higher elevations cool off enough to warrant a jacket, and winter days can surprise us with t-shirt weather. If you get here and find you need different layers than what you packed, Garden of the Gods Trading Post has the largest selection of t-shirts and hoodies in the area.

Check out this blog about dressing for winter fun in the Pikes Peak region.

The seasonal attractions close and open at different times, so it couldn’t hurt to check the Spring and Fall pages too, but most of what you need is on our Winter Page.

From super toasty summer days to rain & blizzards, we’ve got you covered. Check out this blog on ways to beat the summer heat in Colorado, or this one on great indoor attractions.