Soaring Adventure: $150-$260+ | Guided Hiking: $10+ | Mountain Biking: $168-183+ | Falconry: $140-$184+ | Paintball: $164+ | Rock Climbing: $183-$360+  | Wild West Experience: $135+  | SUP: $99


Updated with current COVID info

Daily from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Average time

4 to 6 hours


If adventure is on your Colorado agenda, look no further than The Broadmoor Outfitters for your next Pikes Peak region excursion. As a partner with one of  oldest and most beloved resorts in Southern Colorado, The Broadmoor Outfitters is so much more than a tour guide. Their specialty is combining outdoor adventure with unsurpassed hospitality. Anyone can book an adventure with Broadmoor Outfitters and experience unrivaled hospitality and the wild side of Colorado.

Just what does The Broadmoor Outfitters have to offer? All things Colorado and a whole lot more. One of the best reasons to book your next adventure with this trusted attraction is the incredible team of experts they have built to meet your needs. You’ll have access to some of the Pikes Peak region’s most knowledgeable guides and instructors and can expect personalized service at every turn. Have you dreamed of learning to Stand Up Paddle Board? How about ziplining above crashing waterfalls with the Rocky Mountains as your panoramic backdrop? With The Broadmoor Outfitters, you can do both while assisted by friendly, knowledgeable instructors who can’t wait to bring you brag-worthy experiences you will never forget.

In addition to activities like SUP’ing and ziplining, The Broadmoor Outfitters also offers a few less-traditional experiences for those who enjoy trying something truly unique. Sign up for a chance to try your hand at falconry, working with well-known birds of prey including Harris hawks, Saker falcons, and an Eurasian Eagle owl. You’ll get to watch the birds at work and even hold one for an Insta-worthy shot you’ll never get tired of sharing. You can also sign up for the Wild West Experience, with a trip up Old Stage Road and the chance to try tomahawk throwing, archery and shooting with pellet guns.

Of course, The Broadmoor Outfitters still provides more traditional Colorado experiences, as well, and always with the signature personal touch. Sign up for a mountain biking adventure along Gold Camp Road, hike our famous fourteener and regional namesake, Pikes Peak, or ask the team to help you build a custom itinerary that hits every item on your Colorado bucket list.

It’s not all massive or strenuous adventures, either. The attraction also offers more laid back hikes and bike rides (and you can rent a bike and plan your own trip), laser tag, paintball and a challenge that’s super fun for the whole family known as The Broadmoor Hunt. The latter is an app-based scavenger hunt that takes you all over the resort snapping selfies, solving riddles and engaging in a little friendly competition with other hunters.

Whatever activity you choose on your visit to Colorado, The Broadmoor Outfitters will always make it their goal to make it easy, fun, and, most importantly, unforgettable.

Soaring Adventures Zip line
1) Is there an age or weight limit? We have a strict weight limit of 90-250 pounds, fully clothed. We do not have an age limit. 2) What should I wear? Closed toed shoes and athletic wear is appropriate. We suggest tops with sleeves for women. Guests wear full body harnesses that can sit uncomfortably on bare shoulders. Please dress appropriately for the weather. 3) Where do we meet? Please meet us at our ticket booth at 6 Lake Ave. DO NOT go into the Seven Falls Park. Our ziplines start far up the canyon and require separate transportation. 4) Do you weigh guests? Yes, we have a very strict weight limit and weigh all guests before they depart. 5) Are there any restrictions? Yes, guests must weigh between 90 and 250 lbs, not be pregnant, and be of sober mind (no alcohol, legal, or illegal substances). 6) Can we stay in the Seven Falls park after our tour? Yes. Your zipline ticket includes admission into the Seven Falls Park. You are welcome to stay until the park closes.
Guided Hiking
1) Where do we go hiking? A lot of our tours are based on where the guest would like to go. Our most popular location is the Garden of the Gods. When making a reservation, please give us some details on what type of hike you would like and what you would like to see. 2) How difficult is the hike? Our hikes are tailored to your abilities. Please let us know what level you would like. 3) What should I wear? You should wear closed toed shoes and athletic clothing. Please keep an eye on the weather and bring appropriate clothing.
Mountain Biking
1) What should I bring? You should bring weather appropriate clothing and closed toed shoes. We will provide water, helmet, and a bike. If you have your own pedals and shoes, you are welcome to bring those as well. 2) What is the level of the trails we will be riding? If you booked the Best of Colorado tour, the trails will be tailored to your ability level. If you booked the Garden of the Gods bike tour, you will be going up and down paved roads.
1) What should I wear? Please wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes. Please avoid wearing any feathers or furs. Half of our lesson takes place outdoors, please dress appropriately! 2) Do I get to hold a bird? Yes. At the end of the lesson, you will don a falconer’s glove and have a bird placed on your fist. Don’t forget to bring your camera!
1) What should I wear? Please wear clothes that you are willing to get dirty. We do have coveralls, but you may still get paint on your clothes. Sturdy, closed toed shoes are required. Pants and long sleeves are also highly suggested. 2) What equipment will be provided? We will provide face masks, chest guards, guns, and paint. 3) Does the paint come out? Yes, all the paint should come out in the first run through a washing machine.
Rock Climbing
1) What should I wear? Please wear athletic clothing and comfortable walking shoes. Typically, climbing shoes are not worn with socks. However, you are welcome to bring a thin pair of socks to wear with your climbing shoes. They are sanitized after each guest. 2) What equipment is provided? We provide all equipment necessary for your climbing experience! This includes a helmet, harness, and climbing shoes.
Wild West Experience
1) Can I observe my children? Yes, we have a $10 observer fee. 2) Are there any restrictions? All participants must be 10 years or older.


No. While you are certainly welcome to enjoy a stay at The Broadmoor and enjoy its luxury accommodations, The Broadmoor Outfitters welcomes all adventurers to enjoy its fun and exciting activities.

Age and other restrictions vary by activity. Simply check with one of our helpful adventure planners to find out which activities will work best with your group.

There is a strict weight limit of 90-250 pounds fully clothed.  No age limit.  

Your tour ends at the Seven Falls and you're welcome to stay until the park closes.

The tours are based on your abilities and where you'd like to go hiking.  Tell them what you're comfortable with and what you'd like to see, and The Broadmoor Outfitters will make it happen.

Transportation from our adventure base at 6 Lake Ave, Colorado Springs,  to most activities is included unless otherwise stated. If you are not a guest of The Broadmoor, you will need to arrange transportation to our adventure base. We validate parking if you chose to park in the lot located at 6 Lake Ave. (Across the street from the Golden Bee Restaurant).

The Broadmoor Outfitters provides most equipment for the various activities offered. However, guests are advised to wear appropriate clothing and shoes and bring additional layers — the weather changes quickly in Colorado. Water, hat and sun screen.

There are different options for the mountain biking that they're happy to adapt to your abilities.  Be sure to wear weather appropriate clothes and closed-toe shoes.  They provide bikes, helmets and water.

Falconry is the art of flying trained birds of prey after wild quarry, and was The Broadmoor Outfitters original and staple adventure offering.  The lesson takes an hour and half, and will teach you the basics of this ancient "Sport of Kings".  You'll get hands on with a variety of trained birds, including owls, falcons and hawks.  Be sure to bring your camera!

The Wild West Experience is a chance to try your hand at axe throwing, archery and rifle shooting.  Participants must be at least 10 years old.

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