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Best Pizza Places in Colorado Springs

Pizzeria Rustica in Old Colorado City

Best Place to Score a Slice of Pizza

Oh pizza, the perfect life force; a circle of joy broken into smaller wedges of equal joy. Cold, hot, frozen, hand-tossed, the only disappointing pizza is an eaten one, really. How do you like your pie? 

Everyone has their opinion on what constitutes a superior pizza. We’re not here to argue the merits of a New York slice versus a Chicago deep dish versus a wood-fired, artisan pizza. Those debates are for the brewery or derailing your grumpy uncle’s political rant at Thanksgiving. We are merely hoping to direct you to the next pizzeria favorite in Colorado Springs so you can do the research and make your own decisions. 

Wood-fired Slice: Pizzeria Rustica

A working name for Pizzaria Rustica’s title was “fancy-pants slice” if that helps you deduce the type of pizza you’ll find. With tasty, Neapolitan wood-fired pizza, an impressive wine list and apps like smooth and creamy burrata, Pizarria Rustic is like date-night pizza, not eat-out-of-the-box in your sweats pizza. They even have dessert like tiramisu and gelato, which poses a whole different dilemma: Do I eat dessert at the restaurant or walk off my giant meal and hit Colorado Creamery later? Good luck with that.

Their pizza menu has some of the most diverse options of any of the places on this list. House-made cheese like mozzarella and garlic ricotta, oven-roasted tomatoes, artichokes, cremini mushrooms, fresh basil … are you drooling yet? Their unique combinations top a crisp-but-chewy crust loaded with flavor and baked to perfection. If you like your pizza a little more on the artisan size, this place delivers. Metaphorical delivery, that is. Pizzeria Rustica doesn’t offer its own delivery service. Remember, date night out, not sweatpants night in.

Hand-Tossed Slice: Savelli’s

Savelli’s has been hand-tossing excellent pizza in Manitou Springs for a quarter of a century. Located right before the action begins on the edge of the main drag, Savelli’s is a family tradition for locals and a pizza oasis for weary travelers finishing up a day exploring on Pikes Peak or wandering in Garden of the Gods.

Their dough and sauce are both made in house each day and their signature cheese blend somehow seems to encompass every pizza cheese you’ve ever loved in one sitting. Their hand-tossed crust is built to hold up under the topping pressure, but never dense or heavy. Savelli’s also serves thin crust pies. If you like a little extra crisp in your crust, you can choose from several options, including a BBQ chicken pizza and a classic margherita.

Slice with a Purpose: Slice 420

Slice 420 has no qualms about bragging up their consisting wins for best pizza in the Springs. Why shouldn’t they? Who keeps trophies in the closet? You think Taylor Swift is tossing those Grammys in the junk drawer with dried up markers and mystery keys? 

Slice 420 sells “New York gourmet pies,” savory pies stacked with your choice of meats and veggies on a to-die-for crust that’s as close as you can get to the east coast flavor without a baggage fee. The name of the restaurant may sound like a humorous nod to Colorado cannabis laws, but it actually represents the mission of the family that owns the pizzerias (one in Old Colorado City and one in central Colorado Springs). The restaurant owners donate money from their profits to support families like theirs (their daughter was born with cerebral palsy) who rely on medical cannabis to treat critical childhood health conditions. By a whole pie of one of their signature slices and know your addiction to cheesy goodness is also doing good.

Hottie Slice: Hell’s Kitchen

When we talk about a “hottie slice” we aren’t saying Hell’s Kitchen has attractive pizza. It does look mighty fine, but that ain’t why we’re calling it hot. Hell’s Kitchen is known for serving up extra spicy offerings, including a Hellfire pizza and Hellfire calzones. Hell’s Kitchen, it would seem, is more than ready to live up to their name.

Hellfire pizzas include spicy sausage, pepperoni, cherry peppers and a fiery sauce that might get you sweatin’ like a hot summer day in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. They sell those spicy monsters by the triangle so maybe try a slice before committing to a whole pizza. Most slices cost $5 or less, although the loaded meat slice may set you back $6. Hell’s Kitchen has three locations, including Manitou Springs, Security and off Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard. 

Easy Breezy Slice: Louie’s Pizza

Do you long for the feel of a hometown pizza place? The kind where you feel like a regular every time you stop in for a slice or a pie? Louie’s Pizza brings that level of familial energy every day. They’re so popular that they managed to expand to five locations across Colorado Springs. We’re most partial to the downtown location by Josh and John’s. Take a guess why. 

What does Louie’s bring to the table besides atmosphere? Great pizza, of course! The crust is chewy, the toppings are plentiful and the price? The price is definitely right. Louie’s offers some of the best deals, often beating out chain pizza shops for value (and quality). Oh, and they have a dessert pizza called La Fruita Pizza with your choice of fruit topping on a cinnamon crust. 

Family Fun Slice: Fargo’s Pizza

Fargo’s Pizza is a classic choice for Colorado Springs families who want good food in a unique atmosphere. Designed to resemble a Victorian saloon in the Wild West, Fargo’s stands like a glittering beacon drawing hungry travelers from all over for handmade pizza. But enough about awesome themes and decked out interiors, let’s talk pizza.

If you’re under the impression that Fargo’s whimsical atmosphere outshines their pizza, you are mistaken. The pies are heavy on toppings and cheese, with a chewy, delightful crust that holds up to the weight. They use the good pepperoni, the kind that cup and crisp and they have really unique pizzas, like bbq chicken and a Canadian ham and sliced tomato pizza. Kids really dig their smaller pizzas and the topping options, not to mention the salad bar. Remember salad bars? Those treasures of lettuce and dressings and croutons? You know you’ve missed them. 

Mega Slice: Fat Sully’s Downtown Colorado Springs

The largest pizza at Fat Sully’s is akin to a hubcap — on a truck (or maybe a custom car. It’s just huge. The box it comes in feels more like a prank because it’s just so comically enormous. 

Fat Sully’s specialized in NY pizza, with giant pies, red and white sauce options and all the toppings you love on a great pizza. If you’re just a lone human and don’t want to eat an entire pizza, Fat Sully’s sells pizza by the slice for under $5 plus $.70 per topping. The pizza shop is located on South Tejon near the United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum and Weidner Field, so it’s a great stop for a post soccer dinner or a pre-museum lunch. 

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