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Breakfast Spots in Colorado Springs


Breakfast Spots in Colorado Springs

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when that day is spent running all over Colorado. What’s your favorite morning fuel? Are you a sugar rusher who loads up on pancakes doused in syrup? Do you fancy yourself an egg lover extraordinaire? Or is your go-to a steak, be it sirloin or country fried? We’ve got a list of breakfast places in Colorado Springs that are hotter than hotcakes and ready to fortify you and your brunching besties.

Bon Ton’s Cafe in Old Colorado City

Highlights: Hearty portions, traditional breakfast, pies

Located in Old Colorado City, Bon Tons is a favorite for locals and the visitors lucky enough to find it in their travels. The words “greasy spoon,” might sound insulting to those who aren’t mega breakfast enthusiasts, but for those who know, this is a good one. They’ve got the eggs, the hashbrowns, the ridiculous pancakes in traditional and specialty flavors and all the meats fit to complete a breakfast symphony. It’s not bougie food (which is also on this list), it’s good, old-fashioned breakfast done the way you love it best. 

The chicken fried steak is a stellar meal, hearty and filling and ready to power you up for a day on the Incline or help you fuel up for the Friday farmer’s market nearby. They often rotate in specialty pancakes or create delicious concoctions with chorizo or green chili. You’ll notice a pie case or two. Heed this advice: buy the pie. It doesn’t matter if you’re full, get it to go. You will be very grateful when you’re starving at 11 p.m. and a wholesome slice of tasty pie is waiting in the hotel fridge. 

Mountain Shadows in OCC

Highlights: Famous giant cinnamon roll, burgers and sandwiches all day, featured in Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Let’s get this out of the way: Mountain Shadows is home to a cinnamon roll so awesome that it enticed Guy Fieri into bringing Diners, Drive-ins and Dives in for a sample. He called it “maple madness.” And it really is a huge cinnamon roll. “Giant” is not a lie. They sell out crazy fast each day, especially in the summer.

Now that you have that confirmed, let’s check out some delicious options that won’t be gone before you’re able to roll out of bed or pause that Muppet movie marathon. The corned beef hash omelet is exactly what you expect — tasty and satiating. It’s got the hash, plush cheese, peppers and onions. The Life is Good pancake is another local favorite. They cover a fluffy blueberry pancake with strawberries and bananas and a dollop of whipped cream. Mountain Shadows also serves lunch all day and you can try another Fieri test dish, the Rocky Mountain Roast Beef. It has roast beef, bacon, melted Swiss, mushrooms and onions all heaped on a fresh-baked bun. 

Adams Mountain Cafe in Manitou Springs

Highlights: Vegan and vegetarian options, diverse menu, fresh ingredients 

Adam’s Mountain Cafe is the jam and we are not just talking about options for toast. This family-friendly Manitou Springs staple is a culinary demilitarized zone for conflicting diets. It’s the place you go when you want vegan, vegetarian and omnivore meals at the same table and want them all to shine. Need gluten-free bread or a more detailed list of ingredients? They’re happy to accommodate. Love the look of a dish with meat but only eat veggies? There’s likely a vegetarian version or option.

But let’s talk about our real reason for visiting — breakfast. Their menu is amazing. It’s not unexpected that a vegetarian-leaning restaurant could do eggs well. Eggs are a huge source of protein in that diet. It’s everything else that comes along with it that really makes the menu shine. Orange almond French toast offers sweet delight for folks who dig that fried egg bread. It’s got cinnamon and amaretto and a nice infusion of orange and vanilla to go that extra mile. For a more savory selection, the Green Mountain Falls uses grilled polenta smothered in New Mexico green chili to create a fiesta in your face.

Omelette Parlour in Westside Colorado Springs

Highlights: Super skillets, tamales, weekly specials, bloody marys 

Venture east on Fillmore to discover this longtime breakfast locale. The Omelette Parlour has served enormous plates of classic breakfast faves for decades in Colorado Springs. The building itself has existed since the 1920s, when original owner and popular singer Ruth Etting made it her home.

But enough about history, let’s explore the present, which is breakfast time. The portions at the Omelette Parlour are just ridiculous, and that definitely meant as a compliment. The skillets are heaped, the omelets are stuffed — everything you order is made to go big or stay home. Get the Manitou Springs VFD omelet, which includes Tex-Mex chili stuffed in a 3-egg omelet and topped with cheddar cheese. They also have homemade green chili and French onion soup for a change-up. 

Rudy’s Little Hideaway on 8th Street Near Motor City

Highlights: Mexican food, creative sides, greasy spoon faves, great views

Rudy’s Little Hideaway is perched over 8th Street with amazing views of the mountains and plentiful patio space for breakfasting al fresco. They serve up a mighty Mexican breakfast you can’t get anywhere else in Colorado Springs. Who doesn’t want Mexican food all the time? If you’re still just into the standard eggs and bacon plate, there’s no need to fear. They have the hot cakes, French toast, omelets and sausage you crave too. 

The menu at Rudy’s makes picking a favorite really difficult. For a breakfast that feels like a lunch, you definitely want the breakfast nachos. The chips are sturdy and crisp, the perfect vehicle for beans, eggs and chilis. The chorizo machaca burrito is another hefty and savory option. Perhaps the coolest thing you can get is a stuffed breakfast poblano, filled with chorizo, beans and cheese and then smothered in chili. Now that’s an OP breakfast side.

It’s time to chow down! These great breakfast solutions offer amazing food for every palate. Try them all and find your new go-to spot for brunching it up in Colorado Springs.

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