Last-minute Mother’s Day Ideas around Colorado Springs

May 9, 2017

Written by: Bridgett Harris

It’s nearly here, the day we all celebrate the mothers in our lives with flowers, gifts and clean houses galore. We’re talking about Mother’s Day, a holiday dedicated solely to the people who did their best to keep you from sticking forks in outlets, choking on grapes, or riding your bike into traffic because you didn’t look both ways like she told you 50 times. Moms are pretty special creatures, so it’s only natural that we should take some time to show our appreciation. If you’re still struggling to figure out what to do this Mother’s Day, we’ve got a few ideas that can help.

Free Admission for Moms on Pikes Peak

Mom may have lectured you for years that nothing in life is free, but in this instance, she’s totally wrong (no need to point that out, though). On Mother’s Day, Pikes Peak gives parents of the maternal sort free admission to the mountain. The Pikes Peak Highway is a stunning scenic drive with plenty of areas to stop and take family pictures, hike around or have a snack. At the top, treat mom to some hot cocoa and a hug for all she’s done to keep you walking the planet for all these years.

High Tea at Miramount Castle

Pinkies up, folks! Take mom to high tea at Miramount Castle in Manitou Springs. The lushly appointed Victorian tea room is fit for a matriarch (that’s why they call it the Queen’s Parlour) and the staff is knowledgeable about all things tea and scones and tiny sandwiches. Mom’s high tea experience will consist of four tasty courses including scones and toppings, seasonal fruits, tea sandwiches, dessert and two different teas. Reservations are required: 719-685-1011 or 719-884-4109.

Paint party dedicated just to her

What’s a more perfect pairing than mimosas and painting? Mimosas and painting with your mom! Garden of the Gods Trading Post will be hosting a Mother’s Day paint party Saturday, May 13th from 11am to 1pm. Endless photo ops abound, meaning your mama can get some pictures of the family having fun that didn’t come from downloading your Facebook selfies. Marney Cinclair will guide you through the painting pictured above for $30.00 which includes all your painting supplies and a FREE mimosa.

Shopping and Dining on the Westside

Maybe your mom is a more laid-back sort and would prefer a lazy afternoon moseying about the city. Both Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City are packed with boutiques and local restaurants where you can buy mom some unique gifts and then take her out for margaritas, martinis or Jaeger bombs (hey, every mom is different) to celebrate another year of motherly awesomeness.

Old School Dinner Theater at the Iron Springs Chateau

Beat the crowds and take mom out a little early for dinner and a show. Drama is actually welcome at this family dinner that includes your meal, vaudeville and an intermission singalong. Through June, the Iron Springs Chateau will be featuring What Became of Nora Jane … or … Brown Gravy Blues. Audience participation isn’t just allowed, it’s actively encouraged, so feel free to celebrate the hero and tell the villain where to go (politely, mom is watching). It’s open Tuesday through Saturday, giving you a convenient, non-Sunday option for your mom-focused festivities.

So, if you’ve procrastinated on Mother’s Day planning, do not despair. Most of these activities are able to be done on the fly and you’ll still manage to make the moms in your life feel special. And remember, you don’t need a national holiday to tell you when you can show mom you care. You’ve got 364 other days to do all these fun things, too.

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