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Pikes Peak – Summit Visitor Center Updates

Summit Visitor Center

**Please note: timed entry permits are required to drive to the summit of Pikes Peak during the busy season.  Please make those reservations at DrivePikesPeak.com.

For more details about hours and rates, please checkout our Pikes Peak page. 

Pikes Peak Summit Visitor Center Timeline:

Pikes Peak – Summit Visitor Center Updates

summit house being taken down

With the construction of its brand-new Summit Visitor Center, there’s a lot to look forward to on your next visit to Pikes Peak-America’s Mountain. Since the project broke ground nearly three years ago, a huge team of devoted workers has battled geography, weather, limited oxygen and a global pandemic to complete North America’s highest construction project. What can you expect on your first visit when the new Pikes Peak Summit Visitor Center opens this summer?

New Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors on the Pikes Peak Summit

Inside Summit Visitor Center

One of the most ambitious adaptations in the Summit Visitor Center construction is the upgrade to the outdoor experience. While the rugged terrain certainly adds to the atmosphere of the Pikes Peak summit, it’s not always easy to navigate. With the latest upgrades, care has been taken to update the exterior facilities to provide maximum accessibility to guests of all ages and abilities. All guests can now navigate to multiple points of interest on the summit no matter their method of mobility. The new building and exterior walkways are all ADA compliant, including the new connecting walkway through the center of the summit that has transformed a barren boulder field into a navigable area that still blends with the natural environment.

High-tech Exhibits in the New Summit Visitor Center

While the views outside are stunning, the peak of Pikes Peak isn’t always the warmest of locations — even in the middle of summer. That means you just might need to spend a bit of your visit warming up indoors and that’s why the updates to the interior of the Pikes Peak Summit Visitor Center are so very exciting. New features abound, each one meant to create an immersive, customizable experience for visitors.

America’s Mountain may be about 50 million years old, but the technology that is infused throughout the Visitor Center’s interactive exhibits is as modern as it gets. Brand-new digital features allow visitors to bring the mountain to life from the comfort of the great indoors. The spacious layout offers visitors the chance to explore numerous interpretive exhibits that are both educational and fun. You’ll learn about the history of Pikes Peak, its geography and its climate as you wander and there are plenty of windows to give you glimpses of the breathtaking panorama unfolding below. Similar educational features expand outside along the newly constructed trails and stopping points.

World-famous Donuts and Gifts Galore

Pikes Peak Gift Shop

If you were (understandably) concerned about the new Visitor Center’s donut manufacturing capabilities getting lost in the transition, worry no longer! The hot, fresh and fried treats that have been a highlight of visits for generations are still available. The 1,500-pound machine that cranks out the world-famous rings of deliciousness was installed before the building was even finished due to its epic proportions. Even better, the donuts now have the option for customization, with add-ons like cocoa, cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg.

Speaking of customization, there’s also a trail mix bar, which is about as Colorado as you can get when it comes to bespoke snack food. You can finally make that raisin-free mix you thought was a myth. The rest of the fresh food options are equally rad and even include gluten-free selections. The Summit Visitor Center has expanded its dining area, so you’ll have ample seating for gorging on your feast.

Once you’re full of donuts and trail mix and you’ve snapped every mountain selfie possible, you’ll need a souvenir to commemorate your visit — or maybe just a few gifts for all your favorite folks back home who had to miss out. The Pikes Peak Summit Visitor Center has all sorts of gift options, from traditional t-shirts and keychains that proudly declare your ascent to more unique fare, like jewelry, fresh fudge and art.

Tour the New Summit House

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