Why We’re Thankful at Visit Pikes Peak

November 20, 2017

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We thought we’d dedicate one post to sharing the many, many things we are thankful for at Visit Pikes Peak. The holidays make us pretty sentimental, so we hope you’re ready for a post so sweet that it should come with a cavity warning and a pamphlet on tooth decay.

First, we are incredibly thankful for the awesome job of sharing the glory of the Pikes Peak region with our readers each and every day. When we were young and embarking upon our career journeys, none of us ever dreamed we’d actually get paid for stating the obvious: Colorado is awesome and Colorado Springs is even more awesome. It’s still, after many years, absolutely incredible that this is considered a job. For us, it’s really a privilege. We share the amazing sights and joys of our beloved state, we support the businesses that make our community thrive and we get to read your comments and letters about how you, too, have fallen in love with Colorado Springs and beyond.

Speaking of which, we’re thankful we live here, at the apex of nature and history, where mountains are filled with the legends of the pioneers who founded our city. People once came to the region in search of gold, but the location itself turned out to be the real treasure. Pikes Peak is a constant source of inspiration; its beauty is the perfect background for a city loaded with parks and trails and sights unlike any other. No matter where you live, you’re minutes from outdoor adventure, cool attractions and unique history. We’re an outdoor playground with a city attached, really. No matter your passion, be it cycling, climbing, hiking, running, exploring, learning, dining, shopping, socializing, or literally anything else you can think of, it’s here. It’s waiting for you. And we are so, so lucky to call it ours.

Thankful Pikes Peak

Photo credit: @dlaneymichael

You’re another reason we’re thankful. Whether you’re a longtime local or a first-time visitor, you’re an essential part of our city. Your patronage supports our economy, your excitement keeps us motivated, your kind words make us proud of the work we do. Without you, we couldn’t do this job, so thank you for supporting Colorado Springs with your wallet, with your words, and with your kind and joyful attitudes. Thank you for being a part of the magic that makes this place so special.

We’re also thankful for the many unique businesses and attractions that offer so much to our region. Your diverse offerings ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy. You embrace the space enthusiasts, the outdoor adventurers, the foodies, the history buffs, the thrill seekers, the music lovers, the shopaholics, and the sightseers, providing each with their own space and opportunity to have fun. We work right beside you and we know how hard you strive to make our city better every day. Thank you for your work, and thank you for your passion.


In closing, we’d also like to say how grateful we are for the team here at Visit Pikes Peak. Just because this is the best job in the world doesn’t automatically mean it’s the easiest. It takes a lot of hard work, teamwork and positivity to do what we do. So, we’re thankful for everyone here who rolls up their sleeves, puts on a smile and works hard to make this region, its businesses and its people shine. 

We hope everyone has an excellent Thanksgiving and finds many reasons to be thankful. (Sweetness over. Go brush your teeth.)

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