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Transport yourself back in time as you enter the swinging doors of the Wild West Ghost Town Museum, where authentic Colorado history awaits your exploration!

What you can do

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As a true preservation of the Pikes Peak region’s pioneer past, the Ghost Town Museum is filled with real buildings and artifacts from the old west towns that used to dot this region during the late 1800s and early 1900s. But you won’t have to hike across the countryside to find this amazing piece of history, it’s all been carefully constructed indoors right here in Colorado Springs.

Travel down the real wooden promenade and get a peek into snapshots of pioneer life — how the people of the past lived, worked and played. Try your hand at an old-fashioned butter churn or printing press, check out authentic stagecoaches and wagons and explore thousands of other artifacts that are true pieces of Colorado history.

Included in your summer admission to the Ghost Town Museum is panning for real gold! From May through September, you can sift through water and silt like the gold prospectors of old, seeking your fortune in the bottom of your metal pan. Even if you don’t manage to find gold, there are other tiny treasures buried in the sand, like tiny minerals! It’s one of the museum’s most loved activities and makes a thrilling activity for kids (and adults).

Speaking of kids, the Ghost Town Museum has several antique games and a big shooting gallery where anyone can try their hand at hitting targets.

When you’re finished exploring to your heart’s content, the gift shop awaits, packed with old-fashioned candies, snacks, 1800s-style toys and games, sweet jams and other fun items. You can also pick up souvenir coffee cups, t-shirts, jewelry and pottery. Don’t forget to sip on a sarsaparilla while you’re there — it wouldn’t be an authentic wild west experience without it!

The Wild West Ghost Town Museum allows you to take a journey to the early years of Colorado’s exciting history without having to travel any further than Colorado Springs. Even better, the indoor location makes it the perfect spot to have fun and beat the summer heat (or winter chill). Come out and see it for yourself!

Things to know

$8.50 / Adult

10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Daily
Last entry: 4:30pm

Average time

1-2 hours

Exertion level
Attraction type


No, Ghost Town Museum has absolutely nothing to do with actual ghosts or anything paranormal what-so-ever. Nothin’ spooky happening here!

A “ghost town” is a once thriving town that has been completely abandoned.

Ghost Town Museum is a great place for field trips! The kids will get to explore through hundreds of historical artifacts, pan for gold, and play antique arcade games all while learning about Colorado’s rich history!

They host all sorts of special events at Ghost Town. It’s the perfect place for rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, corporate events and more!

Nope! Their extensive panning area is available from May to September for no additional charge. They’ll show you how to pan REAL gold like they did on the Colorado frontier.


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