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Unique Wedding Venues around Colorado Springs

Old west dance party
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Love is in the air, which means the competition to find your perfect wedding venue in Colorado Springs this spring is going to be fierce! We aren’t sure what it is about winter that makes everyone super stoked about getting hitched, but every year, without fail, Coloradans’ Instagram and Facebook feeds become loaded with glittery circles of everlasting commitment or man-gagement rings sported on exuberant, can’t-wait-to-spend-forever-together hands against the backdrop of Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Seven Falls … Only now, it’s even better! Why? Because it’s YOUR happy hand showing off your fabulous future!

Now the time has come for the fun part — cake tastings, color swatches, attire shopping and, of course, venue hunting. Fortunately for you, Colorado Springs isn’t just the perfect backdrop for those to-die-for engagement photos. It’s also the best place in the world to say your vows in front of everyone you love and then celebrate all night long. Whether you and your beloved are hosting a small intimate gathering or throwing a huge, all-out brawl (hopefully not literally), Colorado Springs wedding venues will provide you with the perfect celebration for your big day. Here are some top picks, ranging from unique Colorado wedding venues, to wedding venues for large groups in Colorado Springs. Intimate Gatherings: Weddings at Cave of the Winds

Cave of the Winds Wedding
Kirk and Sharon

For gatherings of a smaller sort, couples can pledge their love in Cave of the Winds’ Canopy Hall or Bridal Chamber (they hold 25 and 15 people respectively). The stunning rock formations in these two venues create unmatched photo opportunities and will make your intimate wedding unique and memorable for you and everyone who attends. And it can’t hurt that you’re forging lasting bonds of eternal matrimony under rocks that have endured for millions of years. That has to give you a pretty solid foundation right? Right? Ok, we’re done. And have we mentioned just how lovely the cliffs outside the caves are? Come on, folks, you didn’t drop all that money on finery to take boring photos, did you? After you step out from shots amongst the rock formations, we suggest you add some Rocky Mountain flair to your photo album as well with mountain shots, Colorado greenery, wicked cliffs and blue skies.

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Wild West Flair: Ghost Town Museum Receptions

Ghost Town Museum wedding
Old west dance party

Speaking of flair, you’re in the home of the Wild West, so why not jazz up your wedding with a bit of history? With accommodations, up to 150 for sit-down dinners and 200 for stand-up affairs, the Wild West Ghost Town Museum offers couples a fun and functional atmosphere to celebrate with all your favorite people. And when it comes to weddings, that’s a combo every bride and groom should be craving. All the background minutia is taken care of by the trusty staff while you and your guests can drink, dine and dance. Between those activities, guests can stroll the museum and enjoy touring the historic relics from the Colorado mining era. Not to mention all the fab photo opps those creaking wooden streets and storefronts will provide. Plus, you aren’t limited to an on-site caterer, DJ or other typical vendor restrictions, which means you can book all your favorites without issue.

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Built for Big Weddings: The Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame

ProRodeo Hall of Fame Wedding

You might be wondering why or how a location like the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame would work for a wedding. Well, despite its designation as a monument to bull riding and barrel racing, the Hall of Fame is a pretty stellar venue for saying your vows and partying down. With accommodations for more than 200+ guests, ample parking and beautiful grounds, you’ll find all that you need to host a memorable wedding, with a little of Colorado’s western flair, to boot (we totally meant to do that). In the summer, the gardens of the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame thrive with flowers, greenery and a beautiful fountain. There’s also a fairly well known mountain you may have heard of that makes a great backdrop for wedding party photos and sneaky shots of stolen kisses between the bride and groom. You also don’t have to be of the cowboy or cowgirl persuasion. The venue offers elegantly appointed space for any bride and groom who want a memorable — and roomy — place to celebrate.

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Commit on Pikes Peak — America’s Mountain

Pikes Peak wedding
Photo by: @rachelwakefield

You can look upon your wedding venue for the rest of your life when you choose to marry on a mountain. And while most people strive to find that perfect photo opportunity with the majestic Pikes Peak in the background, when you’re on the mountain the entire world as your backdrop!  Although you’re not able to get hitched on the summit, there are multiple amazing locales along the highway.  Crystal Reservoir has the Peak in the background on one side and the rest of the world on the other!  North and South Catamount Reservoirs are also amazing, as is Glen Cove, Devil’s Playground, and that one rock next to that one super cheeky marmot.  Imagine June wedding photos with snow in the background.  You will be the envy of ALL your friends. Remember to account for altitude and temperature for this particular venue — the air is thin and chilly even halfway up the mountain.  By the way, if you’ve got quite a few folks heading up with you, check out Gray Line for a luxury ride up to the summit in one giant group.

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Take the Plunge at Royal Gorge Bridge

Royal Gorge Wedding
Credit Nate Landry

We don’t necessarily mean literally, although there are a few rides that will allow you and your brand-new spouse to careen off the side of a cliff together (we recommend a change of clothes). The Royal Gorge Bridge & Park offers several areas to wed your best friend in style, making it an excellent, but sometimes forgotten, Colorado wedding venue. We’re talking catering, views and a staff that’s trained to handle events both large and small. You can host an intimate cliffside soiree or an epic bash as big as the canyon, the team won’t be thwarted. You can even book a romantic cabin for your wedding night, check out their “glamping” options (hello snuggly tent with zero distractions) or a longer stay to enjoy the mountains and surrounding attractions. For those couples who think swooping off a cliff is a fun post-nuptial activity, we suggest you check out Echo Canyon up the road to cinch that co-adrenaline junkie love. And, like every Colorado wedding venue, it goes without saying that your views will be dynamic and unforgettable. After all, if you can’t Instagram it, did it even happen?

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Say “I Zoo” at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo wedding photo with giraffe
Photo by Jaclyn Dickens

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has perfected the art of hosting incredible weddings, including, no joke, the ability to rent out the entire zoo for your crew (after hours, some animals will be tucked in for the night). It goes without saying that the zoo is kid-friendly, so if your clan is big on progeny, this might be the best Colorado Springs wedding venue around. Not only that, imaging you and your spouse, adorned in fine wedding clothing, feeding a majestic giraffe or cruising over the zoo under a glittery night sky on the sky ride. Those memories won’t be forgotten as you head into your silver, gold and diamond years together. As for the more technical details, the Lodge at Moose Lake is located right in the center of the zoo with capacity for 200 indoors and 280 outside. Over at the Safari Lodge, you’ll find a smaller setting, but enjoy the added bonus of meerkat viewings. The zoo also features onsite catering, which is one less worry for you on your wedding day.

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An Intimate — but Regal— Wedding at Miramont Castle

Miramont Castle couple wedding

Miramont Castle is already a pretty winning idea, being that it’s basically a fairytale come true. We mentioned Elsa and Frozen up above, but at Miramont Castle, you can be Cinderella, Snow White, or any other princess or prince you might fancy. Heck, with the fancy forest that surrounds the castle, you can even be the wild and carefree Merida, settling down (only slightly) with her true love in the wilds above Manitou Springs. In short, getting married in an honest-to-goodness castle would make any couple feel like royalty. At Miramont Castle, this is especially so because their staff takes that charge seriously. Their team rolls out the red carpet with tons of options including gardens, a small chapel, a solarium overlooking Red Mountain and a huge, 100-foot-long hall. They also offer tasty foods from the lovely Queen’s Parlour Tea Room and countless photo opportunities in the castle’s halls, gardens and uniquely designed rooms. And we’re not trying to distract you from your wedding night, but Manitou Springs does offer quite the place to extend your after-after party. Just sayin’.

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Congratulations on you and your partner’s new adventure in the wild world of marriage. Get started off on the right foot with a unique Colorado Springs wedding venue that fits your style, your crowd and your future together. You can never go wrong with a wedding in Colorado, but you can definitely make it the most memorable day of your life when you find a venue that’s perfectly, well, YOU!

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