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If you love live theater, silly antics, neat storylines and old school fun, you need to get yourself to the Iron Springs Chateau and discover the magic for yourself.

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Laughter, singing and an evening of wholesome fun await at Iron Springs Chateau, the only place on earth where you’ll actually welcome a little drama in your life. Well, melodrama, that is. This cool and quirky theater located in the hills above Manitou Springs serves up the entertainment all year long with a variety of unique performances that are sure to delight audiences of all ages and tastes.

What’s in store for you at one of the Iron Spring Chateau’s hilarious and engaging performances? How about audience participation? Boo the villain and cheer the hero and join in on an intermission singalong (it’s ok if you’re not great at singing, promise). Also on the docket for your evening out are Vaudeville routines, comedy routines and other cool skits that go beyond the play itself. And it’s always family-friendly, so bring the kids!

The melodramas offered change from season to season, with themed performances during the holidays — check back for Christmas shows, as well as a special 18+ show around Halloween. The variety of shows is great because it means that locals can become regular patrons and not get bored. What never changes is the hilarity, the cool and dedicated cast and, of course, the fun.

You can also feel free to show up hungry, because the Iron Springs Chateau has the option to have dinner before the show. Hearty portions of traditional favorites like pot roast and roasted chicken will fill you right up, as will the complimentary coffee and tea to keep your thirst quenched. (By the way, the theater also has a bar and drinks for purchase and can accommodate dietary needs if you call ahead). Parking is free in the evening, so you won’t have to hike up the hill to get to the theater.

Things to know

From $25 / person

Re-opens October 21
Doors open: 7:30 p.m.
Show starts: 9 p.m.

Average time

2 hours

Exertion level
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Their shows have a good amount of adult humor peppered into the performances. Most of it will probably go over your kids heads. It’s up to you and your discretion if you want to enjoy the show with your little ones. Other than that, the language is clean and there is no nudity of any kind.

Absolutely! Call (719) 685-5104 for dinner or show only prices.

Not always! On regular show nights walk ins are welcome! However, having a reservations WILL guarantee that you can get in. There’s nothing more disappointing than coming all the way to the Chateau only to be turned away because they’re sold out. We would advise you to make reservations for special events like Rocky Horror Picture Show or Holiday Specials.

Iron Springs Chateau began as a candy and cigar store that was operated for several years beginning in 1880. Iron Springs, changed owners several times before the Iron Springs Company purchased it and began to sell the “iron springs” mineral water commercially. It sold in 1887 to J.G. Hiestand, who built the original building now known as the Iron Springs Chateau Melodrama Dinner Theater.

Not only are you allowed, you’re encouraged! Iron Springs Chateau brings the classic melodrama to life with plenty of audience interaction.


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