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Dietary and Allergy-friendly Restaurants in Colorado Springs


Colorado Springs Restaurants that Cater to Dietary Restrictions

Food allergies and dietary restrictions can make eating out really difficult. There’s the stress of picking a location, the worry about modifying a meal or even finding food at all once you get there and the risk that no matter how hard you’ve tried that you’ll end up with an allergen or restricted food on your plate anyway. This list of Colorado Springs restaurants features locations that accommodate differing dietary needs without a lot of hassle, frustration or worry about mistakes. Even better, their menus still have offerings for eaters with fewer challenges, meaning you can pick them for group outings and ensure everyone leaves happy and full. Just look for “omnivore” in the list of accommodations to find out if meat is still an option. 

Note: Please call the restaurant directly to confirm dietary accommodations or address concerns about cross contamination and food handling.

Monse’s Pupuseria in Old Colorado City

Gluten-free | Vegan | Vegetarian | Dairy-free | Omnivore 

If you suffer from Celiac disease or other wheat allergies, trying to find a truly gluten-free kitchen can be incredibly difficult. For many sufferers, even a few crumbs of an item with gluten can send them home for the night. Enter Monse’s Pupuseria, a restaurant that is 100% gluten-free. Monse’s specializes in Salvadoran cuisine, with a specific focus on pupusas. Pupusas are thick cornmeal cakes that are cooked on a griddle. They are then filled with delicious meats, cheeses, beans, potatoes and other items to create a very satisfying Salvadoran feast. In addition to operating a gluten-free kitchen, Monse’s also has vegan options like soyrizo, vegan pastor and vegan carnitas. They have vegan cheese, too. The best part is that these dishes are flavorful and filling. No one is stuck eating sad salads or plain rice. If you go, you are going to leave fed. 

Adam’s Mountain Cafe in Manitou Springs

Vegetarian | Vegan | Dairy-free | Omnivore | Gluten-free

Adam’s Mountain Cafe has been a staple recommendation for vegetarians in the Pikes Peak region for decades. They’re a popular pick in the veggie game, while still offering excellent dishes for omnivores, too. In fact, even if your friend group’s dietary preferences swing from vegan to carnivore, you’ll have options for every person in the crew. Order an incredible vegan ramen, flavorful smoked salmon enchiladas or rich vegetarian harvest crepes all under one roof. Their vegan options also translate to more ways for dairy-free folks to enjoy traditional favorites like enchiladas without the regret. Adam’s accommodations are offered across breakfast, lunch and dinner, with unique and plentiful items for each. Gluten-free options are available for several dishes, but the kitchen does serve items that contain gluten. 

Tapateria in OCC

Gluten-free | Vegetarian | Omnivore | Vegan | Dairy-free

What? Another gluten-free restaurant in Colorado Springs? Tapateria is a tapas restaurant located in Old Colorado City with an entirely gluten-free kitchen. And, like Monse’s, Tapateria has long proven you don’t need wheat to party. Their menu has a diverse array of small plates with simple snacks like warm olives and hummus, veggie dishes like Spanish salad and caprese towers and meat plates featuring bison, escargot and beef. Vegans may find a smaller selection of dishes, but may be allowed to sub out items to order additional items. Tapateria’s menu of small portions make it easy for you to try several different flavors and even experiment with new dishes without filling up, wasting food or going broke. We suggest you rally a few friends to maximize the number of dishes you can try. Think of it as taking the express route to finding out your favorites. 

Burrowing Owl in Westside Colorado Springs

Vegan | Vegetarian | Dairy-free| Gluten-free

The Burrowing Owl is a 100% vegan restaurant tucked away on the west side of Colorado Springs near the shuttle for Seven Falls and the route to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. They have an extremely creative menu, with clever dupes of classic dishes that use zero animal products. Vegans can enjoy creamy mac and cheese, air-fried chimichangas packed with soyrizo, heaping sloppy Joe’s and many other comfort foods minus the milk, eggs and meat. The flavors and textures of their dishes are phenomenal, ensuring that taste is not sacrificed with adaptation. While Burrowing Owl caters to vegans, many a professed carnivore has declared their meals tasty, so feel free to coax your non-vegan friends with the promise of great food. Gluten-free options are available for several dishes, but the kitchen does serve items that contain gluten

Santana’s Vegan Grill in Colorado Springs

Vegan | Vegetarian | Dairy-free| Gluten-free

Santana’s Vegan Grill markets itself as the “vegan food you will actually crave.” When you see their menu and meals for the first time, it is highly likely you will agree. Santana’s has the good stuff: towering deluxe burgers, buffalo chicken strips, crispy chicken sandwiches, crunchy tots and chili cheese fries. There are milkshakes (dairy-free, of course), cookies, donuts and cinnamon rolls too. These iconic dishes are typically offered piecemeal at other restaurants. You might find a veggie burger but no vegan cheese, or a smoothie but no dairy-free milkshakes. At Santana’s, every item on the menu is free of animal products, packed with flavor and designed to evoke the same feelings you would have at any regular, non-vegan diner. They sell vegan platters to go, as well as family meals. 

Uchenna Ethiopian Restaurant in Old Colorado City

Omnivore | Vegan | Vegetarian | Gluten-free | Dairy-free

Uchenna Ethiopian Cuisine offers diners an unforgettable dining experience and the rare opportunity to sample authentic cuisine from the African continent. About 85% of Uchenna’s menu is gluten-free, including the traditional injera bread that is served with most of their dishes. They have a large list of vegan selections (Uchenna calls it “vegan paradise”), including spiced lentil dishes, sauteed collard greens, sauteed vegetables and more. Their meat dishes use organic lamb, chicken and beef marinated in a variety of spices and served with lentils. Due to the nature of food preparation at Uchenna, the restaurant recommends that diners make reservations for parties of three or more. Call ahead before heading out to dine, as their kitchen does small batches and closes once they run out of food. 

There’s no need to spend yet another meal picking at plain french fries or hastily prepared substitute dishes that lack care and preparation. These local picks in Colorado Springs would love to serve you good, delicious meals that meet your needs.

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