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The Best Bakeries in Colorado Springs


The Best Bakeries in Colorado Springs

Does the idea of downing a bakery bag loaded with carbs fill your heart with happiness? Are you a lover of cakes, tarts, cookies and pies? Is the answer to “would you like to order dessert” always yes? Are all meals only complete if they come with bread? Then this list is custom-made just for you. We’ve crafted a lineup of the best bakeries in Colorado Springs and we just know that you’ll hit every single one on the list.

La Baguette French Bakery

With two locations on the west side alone, La Baguette is doing brisk business in the dealing of French baked goods. They operate as a bakery and a small restaurant, selling breads and desserts alongside French classics like onion soup or cheese omelets. In fact, the hardest part about stopping in is not staying for lunch. 

We’ll start with dessert for this bakery and highlight their incredible eclairs. The choux is light and tender, perfectly dried and sturdy without being crunchy. The filling is light and served icy cold and the top is coated with a dark chocolate ganache. The combination is perfect, with the hint of salt in the choux pairing perfectly with sweet cream and dark chocolate.

In the savory category they do a great baguette (of course). However, you really want to order the croissants. They are flaky, enormous and buttery, with plain options or the chance to try out dark chocolate or apple. The plain croissants make a filling breakfast and they also work well as part of a sandwich. We suggest chicken salad, a BLT or a club.

Edelweiss German Restaurant

Edelweiss is not technically a bakery. It’s a restaurant that serves classic German dishes and a few other European favorites. However, they also have a collection of baked goods that are worth a coffee date or a to-go order for a post-dinner treat. All of the desserts are made in-house daily and they range from simple sweets to decadent tortes.

Let’s start with those tortes and the recommendation that you should order more than one flavor and share. This will maximize the cake flavor intake for all and help you find your favorite faster. Stars of the torte list include the raspberry mousse torte and the lemon mousse torte. You can also get strudel, napoleons and pastry four-packs. Be sure to stop in during the holidays for a traditional stollen or Christmas cookies.

You can buy any of these by the slice or piece, but they also offer whole cakes and whole strudels. Baked cheesecakes and Linzer tortes complete the Deutschland delights.

Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery

If you’re starting to feel like you’re on a global culinary journey — you’re not wrong. We have so many cool bakeries that feature delightful flavors from other countries. Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery is yet another powerhouse bakery on our roster of goodness. Their treats are not just tasty, either. Their tiny desserts are a feast for your eyeballs, delicate, carefully decorated and oh so sweet. 

Let’s roll out some of the best options, starting with, well, rolls. The Italian crusty rolls have the crisp, the chew and the perfect balance of salty flavor you crave when carbing it up with bread. If you serve them before dinner, you will ruin your appetite stuffing at least two in your face before dinner. They’ve got challah and focaccia in case you just want to have three courses of bread for dinner (send invites, please). 

Let’s go back to those sweets we were talking up a moment ago. Boonzaaijer’s desserts look like they should be displayed in the window of some tiny and quaint mountain town. They’re Insta-worthy and their taste matches their appearance: flawless. The whipped cream roulade is a jaunty little treat that is creamy and just the right amount of sweet for your cravings. The petit fours are also a hit, with delicate decorations and a perfect outer shell disguising a more perfect miniature cake. 

Wimberger’s Old World Bakery and Delicatessen

There’s another German bakery in town that also doubles as a popular deli. Wimberger’s specializes in many things, but their German bread is absolutely one of their best offerings. In Germany, bread is a big deal, with sourdough-based loaves that are baked in a variety of options. The Wimberger’s website notes that bread is served for breakfast as a main and served at supper as part of the main dish, like an open-faced sandwich. 

At Wimberger’s you can get a hefty rye, pumpkin seed or sunflower seed rye, white bread, whole grain and so much more. They’ve got bratwurst rolls, baked pretzels and other rolls, too.

This is not to say that the bakery doesn’t have sweets. They have fruit pastries and turnovers, cinnamon rolls, croissants, strudels, raisin rolls and more.

Sasquatch Cookies

It’s not always easy to find cookies that taste like you baked them from scratch in your own kitchen. Sasquatch solves the dilemma of wanting cookies but not wanting to bake them yourself. Truly, their cookie bakers have mastered the art of creating a crisp edge that gives way to a just-chewy-enough center. No raw, gooey middles here! You get a cookie, not hot dough.

Sasquatch bakes their cookies in house, which probably makes their neighbors insane with cookie cravings. If you stop in while they are baking, you might be privileged enough to leave with cookie-scented hair. 

Let’s get to the important stuff — the cookies. The chocolate chip cookie is probably their best. All of them are delectable, but capturing the perfect flavor of a chocolate chip cookie batch after batch is a feat that must be celebrated. They have cinnamony snickerdoodles, a monster cookie loaded with goodies and a rotating set of weekly favors, like a recent menu offering cheesecake or salted caramel cookies. Did we mention they make enormous cookie cakes? They’re decorated and everything. They even deliver! 

Marigold’s Cafe and Bakery

Like Edelweiss, Marigold’s is a restaurant with its own bakery, meaning you can drop in for dinner, dessert or both. (Do that last bit.) The food is a whole write-up itself, so we will just stick with their extensive list of desserts, cakes and breads. 

Marigold’s bakes one heck of a cake. Towering layers of sponge are filled with mousse and then decorated with pretty designs that will make your dessert offering the highlight of the table. You can buy it by the slice or order an entire cake in advance. 

Marigold’s also has several cheesecake flavors that swing from intense chocolate brownie to refreshing, zing citrus. Like the cakes, you can purchase them by the slice or snag a whole one with an advance order. Other creamy desserts are offered in a smaller, lighter format, like fruit tarts and fraisiers.

For the salty folks (in flavor preference, not attitude), Marigold’s sells dinner rolls by the dozen, butter croissants and baguettes. Come to think of it, a nice baguette might be good for those salty-in-attitude people, too.

Amy’s Donuts

Crazy donuts are all the rage right now, but Amy’s Donuts has been frying up their rings of awesomeness for nearly a decade in Colorado Springs. And when we say crazy, we mean crazy. The days of plain glazed aren’t over (in fact, Amy’s carries those), but there are new donuts in town and they are, well, loaded.

Have you ever thought, “I sure do wish my favorite candy bars could be donuts”? Wish granted, friend. Amy’s has Almond Joy, Snickers, Andes mint and Butterfinger-dusted donuts on the daily. What about breakfast cereal? No, not boring corn flakes or shredded wheat — we’re talking about the good stuff. The Cocoa Puffs, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruity Pebbles you begged for as a kid are loaded onto sweet frosting topping a fluffy donut. 

They also have some unusual flavors. Looking at the list of donuts so far, you might be wondering how much weirder it can get. How about maple bacon jalapeño? It’s a strangely good treat if you’re willing to take a gamble. 

Rally your sweet tooth (or carb tooth)! It’s time to visit these beloved local bakeries and load up on cakes, tarts, breads and buns. Whether you prefer the buttery layers of a perfectly laminated French croissant, a strong loaf of German rye or ten different sweet pastries with a side of cake, Colorado Springs has the right bakery for you.

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