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Experience one marvel after another at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, where a wonder of man-made architecture crosses a stunning example of nature’s raw power.

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Over 956 feet above the crashing Arkansas River, the Royal Gorge Bridge — one of the world’s highest suspension bridges — connects visitors from one side of the millions-plus-years-old gorge to the other, where even more adventure awaits.

Awe is the closest word we can find to describe what you’ll feel as you take in the staggeringly beautiful views of the gorge and the surrounding region. You’ll definitely want to bring a camera with extra memory (or film, if you’re old-school) to capture every moment of your trip. But the views aren’t the only reason to visit.

The Royal Gorge Park is packed with fun ways to spend a day, like the thrilling Cloudscraper ZipRider zip line or chill-but-awesome gondola rides across the canyon. And the pulse-pounding Skycoaster helps you make your acquaintance with the Royal Gorge’s steep drop like no other ride can. For the younger set, Tommy Knocker Playland offers climbing structures for unleashing one’s inner mountain goat and a fabulous carousel to spin all your cares away. And don’t miss out on the new water clock by the visitor center, too. It’s absolutely fascinating!

You can bring lunch from home for enjoying at one of the many picnic areas — or you can leave the cooking to the folks at Café 1230 or the Bridge View BBQ (sometimes you can smell that tasty goodness all the way across the bridge!). Both have hearty and light options, so no one will leave unsatisfied. Oh, and there’s also the Cliff Side patio, where you can enjoy sweet snacks like slushies and cotton candy or adult beverages.

The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is also known for its summer entertainment. We feature educational entertainment to include Nature’s Educators, who doesn’t want to learn about birds of prey, Cheyenne Mountain ZOOMobile, they’re bringing the zoo to you, and the Seven Falls Indian Dancers, enjoy the cultural performances

Head out and make a day of it. You won’t be sorry you visited the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park — and you certainly won’t be bored!

NEW 2019: Via Ferrata, aka The Iron Way, a mountaineering experience on the gorge walls! Make your reservation to create the most amazing memories!

Things to know

From $27 / person

10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Daily

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3-5 hours

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No personal vehicles will be allowed on the Bridge at any time. Pre-scheduled car clubs may be given an exception. If you have a car club and would like more information, please call 719.276-8320.

The Park is open year-round, even on holidays. Rides and attractions open 10AM. Closing times vary depending on season. During peak tourist season, all attractions are open. During off-season, attractions are limited.

The easiest route through the Park starts at the Aerial Gondolas on the north rim – at the Visitor Center. Ride those to the south side, then walk down to the Bridge.
Looking for some high-altitude rides on the Zip Line or Skycoaster? Get here early to skip the wait times and start soaring.
There are some uneven areas in the Park, so be sure to wear sturdy walking shoes.

The Park is at an altitude of 6,700 feet and in an arid region, so keep hydrated and slather on some sunscreen, even in winter.
Speaking of winter, the Park is 8-10° warmer than Denver and Colorado Springs. And there is always a breeze in the middle of the bridge, year-round.
Colorado weather is unpredictable, and afternoon rainstorms are common. If rain rolls in, temporary ride closures may occur. Refunds will not be given for these closures.

Yes, the Park is handicap accessible, but please be careful on the steep trails you may find throughout the Park.
When available, we have a complimentary wheelchair accessible golf cart.
Gondolas and the Theater are wheelchair accessible.
Rides, such as the Skycoaster and Zipline, have additional restrictions concerning height, weight, and physical ability.


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