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Santa Claus is Coming to Town — Colorado Springs, That Is…

Santa Claus in and around Colorado Springs
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Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Where to Find Santa in Colorado Springs

The countdown to Christmas has begun and you’re probably wondering where to find Santa in Colorado Springs so your kiddos can get their wish lists passed along before the big day arrives. The whole city of Colorado Springs is awash with light displays that would make Clark Griswold beam with delight, everything smells like hot cocoa, trees are up and even the crankiest of Christmas naysayers are secretly watching Christmas movies when they think no one is around (we can totally see your Netflix history, Dad). Finding Santa isn’t hard if you know where to look and as Santa Superfans, we’ve got the skinny on the righteously rotund reverse robber right here. Just like Christmas Eve, Santa is seemingly able to be everywhere at once because he’s just simply cool like that. We’re sharing all the places you can meet Mr. Claus, share your gift list and let him know whether you’ve been naughty or nice (don’t lie, the dude knows everything). Oh, and maybe bring your kids along or something. Whatever.

Santa at the North Pole, Colorado

Santa has a few places he likes to call home, but we like to think the coolest (although not the coldest) is the North Pole — Santa’s Workshop. This amazing mountainside amusement park welcomes Santa year-round, yes, even during the busy Christmas season. Santa needs a little getaway now and then and we’re not humble about the fact that Colorado is the best place ever. Obviously, he thinks so, too. The best part about visiting Santa at the North Pole is that there is so much to do before or after you greet the jolly old elf. Explore the gift shop, hop on the rides, chow down on candy and send a thank you letter to Santa for the presents he will surely bring on Christmas Day. The park stays open until Christmas Day just to help Santa gather gift lists and say hello to all the children before his epic night of gifting. This year, reservations are required. Make sure you get signed up fast because you don’t want to miss careening down the candy cane slide and buying new ornaments. Make your reservation ASAP at NorthPoleColorado.com.

Credit: Design Rangers

Santa Comes to Manitou Springs

With a home at the base of Pikes Peak, it’s probably not surprising that Santa comes to Manitou Springs several times throughout the Christmas season. It’s so close, he doesn’t even bother to rouse the reindeer when he decides to pay the charming little town a visit (he takes his Subaru). It’s a beautiful place to chill out and hang with his biggest fans while gathering intel on last-minute wish lists. You can meet Santa in Manitou Springs on Black Friday, Nov. 26 between 3-5 p.m. He will be waiting by the town clock on Manitou Avenue with lots of jolly good cheer and some cider and cookies as the town lights up the Christmas tree and officially launches the holiday season. If you can’t make it on Black Friday, you can come back on Saturday, Dec. 18. If you aren’t completely Manitoued out (which isn’t possible), be sure to hit the shops on Sundays through Dec. 19 to enjoy the sweet sounds of the strolling Christmas Brass, playing your favorite holiday tunes. 

Santa Claus in Manitou Springs
Credit: Visit Manitou Springs

Meet Santa in Old Colorado City

When Santa isn’t at the North Pole or stopping by in Manitou Springs, he also likes to pay a visit to the kids of OCC. You might be thinking, that’s a pretty hefty dance card for an old man. Can he handle it? How is he able to manage all of this? This is Santa we’re talking about, not some amateur. Dude has skills and he can definitely have as many stops as he pleases. Santa will be in Old Colorado City on Small Business Saturday to say hello and support local shops. After all, Santa clearly remembers the days when it was just himself and Mrs. Claus tinkering away in a tiny workshop in the Arctic. He and the lovely lady will be in OCC most weekends after that, so feel free to stop by while you’re shopping or dining. Just a note, Bancroft Park is remarkably close to Colorado City Creamery, and we are pretty sure they’ll have some holiday flavors ready. Hours for photos with Santa: 

Old Colorado city Christmas stroll

Once you're done shopping, head over to Bancroft Park to grab a photo with Santa and Prancer

Small Business Saturday in OCC

Find Santa at the Cog Railway​

If you really want to have the ultimate Santa Claus experience, it’s worth a visit to the Cog Railway. After riding up and down Pikes Peak—America’s Mountain, you and your family will get to hang out with Old Saint Nick at the Cog Train Depot. There will be tons of lights and décor to make the meet and greet extra festive, not to mention that you get to go up a fourteener without even breaking a sweat (actually, there are no guarantees sweat won’t be broken). You’ll travel through multiple life zones learning all about the different flora and fauna at different elevations and then explore the brand-new Summit House. Give yourself an extra special treat with hot and fresh donuts carefully fried at altitude. Once you get back, you’ll have time to meet Santa and peruse the gift shop. It just so happens to have a lot of nifty ornaments to commemorate your experience.

However you choose to meet the legendary sleigh-driving elf of winter philanthropy, we know you’ll have a wonderful time filled with good feelings and all things Christmas joy. Make a day of it with your family by checking out the city lights, stopping for hot cocoa or maybe even shopping around for the perfect gift for someone you love. In closing, we want you to remember that Santa is not just for kids and you can totally get your photo taken, too. After all, this is a season of fun for everyone, right? 

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