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Visit Cripple Creek today! The thrill of the Gold Rush in a town rich with history.

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Hours: Cripple Creek Heritage Center Open Daily: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Fast Facts

Relive the Gold Rush in Cripple Creek Colorado!

Nestled in breathtaking Colorado scenery is a historic gold mining town that is the perfect vacation destination for visitors. Complete with historical attractions, live entertainment, theater, exciting events, and more make this a destination you just shouldn’t miss!

Located a short, yet scenic drive around Pikes Peak from Colorado Springs, Cripple Creek is a town full of rich traditions, golden history and family-fun for each member of the family! Cripple Creek Colorado is a great day trip or stay the night for a wonderfully different view of Pikes Peak in the morning!

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Cripple Creek Heritage Center Open Daily 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Free Admission


Screenshot 2014-03-26 11.15.58Cripple Creek Heritage Center is located right off of Highway 67 at you enter the town. Follow these directions or enter 9283 Colorado 67, Cripple Creek, CO 80813 into your GPS or Phone.

Off Highway 24:

– Head West on Highway 24 to Divide.
– Turn left (South) on Highway 67 in Divide.
– Follow Highway 67 and the Heritage Center will be on your Right as you enter Cripple Creek.



Fast Facts

  • Cripple Creek was a booming gold mining town in the early 1900s with a peak population of approximately 52,000 people.
  • More gold has been mined out of Cripple Creek than the California and Alaska gold rushes combined!
  • Gold is still being actively mined out of the town, and visitors can take a tour of both a historic mine as well as a modern day mine.
  • There are numerous attractions that showcase the town's mining heritage, and visitors can stop by the Cripple Creek Heritage Center for assistance with planning their trip.
  • We have a playful side! Our roaming donkey herd descended from the mining days of old, and visitors are encouraged to pose for photos!


  • Make a weekend of it and stay in one of the town's beautiful, historical accommodations.
  • Make sure to stop by the Cripple Creek Heritage Center first for helpful visitor information, as well as the most stunning view of the gold camp.
  • Don't forget to bring your camera - the historical buildings, the beautiful views, the fun events, and photo opportunities are perfect for your scrapbook!
  • The town sits at 9,494 feet above sea level - enjoy our views in comfort, and make sure to bring proper attire if you plan to take advantage of one of our many hiking trails in the area.


What you’ll experience

The Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad have a newly adjusted route that takes riders through beautiful historic mining country. New retail shops have opened in Cripple Creek, offering more treasures for visitors to discover and take home as a memento of their visit.

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Learn More

Stop by the Cripple Creek Heritage Center on your way into town to plan your vacation. If you’re looking for more places to stay or dine in Cripple Creek, you can check out our other partners or visit their website.

The historic town sits on the southwest slopes of majestic Pikes Peak in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. More than 100 years ago, this gold mining community attracted tens of thousands to its hillsides in search of their fortunes. The Gold Rush is the area’s rich history, and today, visitors can enjoy a variety of heritage-based attractions such as descending 1,000 feet underground through a gold mine, riding on a train through stunning mining country, enjoying a melodrama in the Butte Theater, or perusing through several museums that showcase the gold camp’s history and the unforgettable characters that brought the town to life.

Attractions & Recreation in cripple creek

Cripple Creek Heritage CenteA visit to the World’s Greatest Gold Camp is a look into the past and an adventure in the present. The area’s rich and colorful history comes to life in one of the many museums or tours. The Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine offers visitors a descent 1,000 feet underground and an extensive tour of the mine. The Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad take visitors through beautiful mining country, and the train operator provides a narrative of the key events and history along the route.

Don’t miss the Old Homestead House – Colorado’s only bordello museum (family friendly, of course) that is located right in the historic red light district in Cripple Creek. The Cripple Creek District Museum is a great museum that showcases the gold camp’s extensive history, and the Fire Station #3 Museum is a special gem that visitors are encouraged to discover, with an incredible history of fire in Cripple Creek that will shed light on how Cripple Creek’s architecture and layout are what it is today.

cripple creek Dining & Lodging

Cripple Creek LodgingCripple Creek offers a variety of dining and lodging options to cater to any taste. Make Cripple Creek that romantic getaway, and enjoy a candle-lit dinner for two, or stroll down our historic corridor while sharing an ice cream cone! Take advantage of one of the many buffets, or grab the best burger you have ever tasted from the local’s favorite grill. Cripple Creek’s Bed and Breakfast establishments range from cozy and private to luxurious and plush, with your visitor experience being the focus of attention. Cripple Creek has several hotels that will cater to your budget and your needs, with everything from exclusive suites to easily accessible hotel rooms. For assistance with planning your stay, be sure to stop by the Cripple Creek Heritage Center where the helpful staff can assist you with your vacation planning.

The City of Cripple Creek showcases numerous events, attractions, shops, restaurants, and more.


Just a sampling of Cripple Creek’s events include: Cripple Creek Ice Festival, Donkey Derby Days, the Salute to American Veterans Rally, and more! Visit our website for a complete listing of our many fun events throughout the year.


Cripple Creek’s attractions showcase our gold mining history, and include: Cripple Creek Heritage Center, the Cripple Creek District Museum, the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine, the Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad, the Old Homestead House Bordello Museum, the Cripple Creek Jail Museum, the Fire Station #3 Museum, the Butte Theater, and the Cripple Creek Information Center.


Cripple Creek Jail Museum

The Outlaw and Lawman’s Jail Museum was built in 1901 and served Teller County until 1992.  The original cells have been preserved and are authentic.  The jail housed men, women, and even children law breakers.

Today you can visit for a great hands-on experience.  Photo opportunities include jail uniforms and mug shots!   The friendly and informative staff will share details about the characters that were once a part of the “The World’s Greatest Gold Camp” in Cripple Creek.


With numerous shops and restaurants, plan to spend some time perusing through our shops while in search of that perfect gift or memento of Cripple Creek. Delicious restaurants offer a variety of choices, and many feature specials with our chefs’ special touches.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there more than just gambling in Cripple Creek?

Absolutely! Cripple Creek has numerous attractions such as the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine, Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad, Heritage Center, and Butte Theater AS WELL as beautiful scenic views and hikes! The list goes on and on!

How far is Cripple Creek from Colorado Springs?

From central Colorado Springs, the drive to Cripple Creek is typically 35-40 minutes depending on traffic.

When is the best time to see the leaves change in the fall?

The last weekend in September is typically when the changing leaves are at their peak!

What’s the Jail Museum?

This historic Cripple Creek museum gives visitors an taste of the shadier side of life in the World’s Greatest Gold Camp, along with a glimpse into the lives of the lawmen charged with keeping the peace.


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