Alternatives to driving Pikes Peak

There are so few spectacular places as accessible as the summit of Pikes Peak.  You can drive to the top in your minivan in an afternoon, allowing you to enjoy every curve of those 19 miles at your own pace.  You can stop for every photo op, every crystal clear lake, every fat marmot sunning himself in the rocky mountain sunshine, but mountain driving isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.  We get that.  And we got you!

For the last 125 years, we’ve had the PERFECT alternative to driving yourself.  The Broadmoor’s Pikes Peak Cog Railway was an awesome way to ascend all 14,115 feet of grandeur without having to keep your eyes on every curve of the road.  Sadly, after 125 years, the Cog has closed for a major renovation and will open again in May of 2021. (We’ll keep you posted on any updates here.)

So now what?  Never fear.  For decades there have been other companies helping folks make this voyage and we’re proud to welcome a couple of them as new members of Pikes Peak Region Attractions.

Pikes Peak Tour by Gray Line has super comfy shuttles that will take you to the summit, but also stop at all the best places along the way so you can stretch your legs, grab photos, and get the inside scoop from their very knowledgable guides.

Adventures Out West has custom Jeep and Hummers that will get you to the summit in the most Colorado way possible — Jeeps are basically our state vehicle.  Their 4×4’s are customized to maximize the views from all sides and with guides like Dutch and Denim, you know you’re in for one heck of a good time!

For those with an extra dose of the adventure gene, we recommend the folks at Challenge Unlimited — Pikes Peak by Bike.   They take you to the summit in their passenger vans, fit you safety gear and guide you down that glorious fourteener on mountain bike!

Whatever you level of excitement, we’ve got something to fit your needs.  After all, if you’re coming to the Pikes Peak Region, you HAVE to go up Pikes Peak, the only question is how?

Local’s Tip: Uber and Lyft have both been known to carry passengers to the summit as well.  They don’t charge a gate fee to the drivers. 🙂

Hikers Looking for a ride?

These folks aren’t members of ours so we don’t have any info beyond their contacts, but they’re both on the approved list for the Pikes Peak Highway.  We’ve chatted with them a bit while searching for folks who offer a one way lift off the mountain, and both were very nice.  Please contact them directly to arrange a ride.

We do not promote any of the tours listed below, please contact them directly for reservations. 

TourContact Information
Sherri or Steve: 719-761-4100 | 303-204-4950 |
Nicholas Merchant: 719-362-6332 | |

Hey Hikers!

If you’re looking for a ride, we want to make sure that you’ve done all your research about hiking this great beast.  This is no day hike, and if you’re super fit at sea level, the elevation can seriously kick you in the glutes!  They have to rescue folks, folks who are super fit, all the time.  We want to make sure you are able to conquer this hike and not the other way around.

We’ve put together a couple of resources to help you plan, but we’re not the experts.  We highly recommend you chat with the people who run Barr Camp, the rangers on the Pikes Peak Highway, and one you might not know to ask, the salespeople at Mountain Chalet in downtown Colorado Springs.  Most of them have climbed that mountain more than anybody else in town.

If you’re trying to determine the best time of year to climb Pikes Peak, we’ve got you covered.  Or check here to make sure you’ve covered the basics for either Barr trail or the Crags trail.  We have one rule on the mountain, Know Before You Go!

“Free” Shuttles on Pikes Peak

You might be thinking you’ll just grab one of the free shuttles on the Pikes Peak highway this summer, but there’s a little more you should know.  The free shuttles are in place during construction of the new summit house to help with parking congestion on the summit.  Parking is limited until the completion of the new summit house scheduled for Spring of 2020.  The shuttles run from miles 7, 13, 16 and the summit.  At each of those mile markers, you’ll find a nice big parking lot, where visitors who have driven their own vehicle partway up the mountain, can park and take one of the shuttles up to the summit.  These shuttles WILL NOT take hikers back to their vehicles, and you are not allowed to walk along the highway for safety reasons.  The shuttles will be mandatory during the busy season (May through September).  Vehicles with children in carseats, passengers with ADA requirements, or 10 or more people will be allowed to summit in their own vehicle.

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