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Outdoor Winter Activities​

Day 1

The Heart of Chill

We put the ‘wonder in winter wonderland.

Day 2

Epic Beauty Awaits​

Enjoy adventure with altitude (and sweets)

Day 3

Royal Gorge, Short for Royally Gorgeous

You’ve seen our wonderfully tall mountains, now check out our gorges!

Day 4

Call of the Wild

Explore via horse then get to know some wilder animals at the zoo.

Day 1

The Heart of Chill

We put the 'wonder' in winter wonderland.
Santa Claus in and around Colorado Springs

Experience the Magic of the North Pole

Santa’s Workshop stays open through Christmas Eve to ensure every child gets a chance to meet Santa and enjoy the magic of the season. Yes, it might be a bit brisk on certain days, but what is winter to the elves? Bundle up and enjoy the park, meet the big man himself and make memories you’ll cherish.

Chill Out in Manitou Springs

We joke that Manitou functions on a slightly slower time table than the rest of the region — we call it Manitou Time.  Where Colorado Springs may all seem like it’s in a great big hurry, the attitude is generally less rushed in this lovely little town. Calm friendliness is just as contagious as stress and anxiety, so if you’re looking for a place to get away from the grind, Manitou time may be just what the doctor ordered. 

Day 2

Epic Beauty Awaits

Enjoy adventure with altitude (and sweets).

Drive Pikes Peak - America's Mountain

Even in the winter, you can enjoy the panorama of Colorado’s gorgeous countryside from 14,115 feet. The highway itself is its own special treat, with frequent spots to pull over and enjoy a hike (wear a hat, the wind can be pretty cold). Many animals will still be visible this time of year, which makes for great photo opportunities. At the summit, you can finally binge on delicious donuts while surveying breathtaking views.

Old Colorado City

With all the excitement of Pikes Peak, we think it’s time to chill out with a relaxing afternoon of shopping and sightseeing. Old Colorado City has tons of cool, locally owned shops selling unique gifts and great eats. Take a trip through Magic Town while you’re there and enjoy the finely detailed miniatures of artist Michael Garmin. You can pick up a sculpture of your own in the gift shop.

Snow in Old Colorado City
Day 3

Royal Gorge, Short for Royally Gorgeous

You've seen our wonderfully tall mountains, now check out our gorges!
Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

The Royal Gorge is an epic suspension bridge with dizzying views of a thousand-foot drop into the Arkansas River. When the weather is reasonable, there are multiple exhilarating rides open, too! The Sky Coaster will fly you out over the canyon in a breathtaking free-fall. Or, keep it tame and drift in style in the much calmer gondolas. Kids will love the Tommy Knocker Playland, so there’s something for every age and stage of adventurer.

Day 4

Call of the Wild

Explore via horse then get to know some wilder animals at the zoo.

Academy Riding Stables

The friendly horses of Academy Riding Stables never let a little chilly weather make them sad. They add an extra layer of adorable fluff to their coats! That means they’re ready to ride all year long, winter included (safe conditions, of course). Bundle up in warm gear and set off on an unforgettable tour led by some of the best guides around. It’s one of the most enjoyable ways to explore the much-loved Garden of the Gods.

POV horseback riding in Garden of the Gods with Academy Riding Stables
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Electric Safari

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo stays open all year long, including the winter months. Fortunately, Colorado has several temperate days each month to enjoy it! Meet all your favorite furry friends, like giraffes and lions, or a few less-furry animals like the hippos and elephants. The zoo has lots of interactive exhibits, including the Big Backyard, a massive play area with experiential activities and a playground. Bring some cash for the epic merry-go-round. It’s fast and fun and always a hit with the kiddos. Note: Parents can ride, too. 

More ways to enjoy your days

Miramont Castle Windows
Indoor Winter Activities

The Pikes Peak Region puts the wonder in Winter Wonderland with this spectacular four-day adventure in and around Colorado Springs.

western mining museum barn
Indoor Attractions

From museums that celebrate our western heritage to places that explore space for our future pioneers, there’s something for everyone!

garden of the gods wildflowers
Outdoor Attractions

We have an abundance of amazing outdoor activities — both natural geological wonders and some incredible man-made fun in the sun!


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